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Reassessment of Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields Limits and Policies (Docket No. FCC-2013-0204)

According to Apple’s product information guide, iPads can emit even more radiation than cell phones. Also, the scientific literature clearly shows that children absorb more radiation than adults.

According to the scientific evidence itself, in our opinion, it would be reasonable to state that children who use iPads for long periods of time are likely to have a significantly increased risk of developing cancer. Equally worrying is that in my opinion, children may actually suffer severe reproductive harm. So what kind of risk are we talking about? Isn’t that really the question? According to high quality independently funded research by Dr. Lennart Hardell of Sweden:

For every 100 hours of cellphone use, the risk of brain cancer increases by 5%.

So how many hours would children in Fullerton schools be exposed?

175 days x 6 hours = 875 hours per year.

That means after each year of exposure to these wireless devices there would be a 44% increased risk of brain cancer.

After 13 years, this comes to a 572% increased risk of cancer, for adults that is. For children, the increased risk would be much more, as research shows that they have at least double the risk of adults.

So according to these calculations, children would have an 1100% increased risk of brain cancer as a result of using an iPad at school. This does not include time spent doing homework or other extraneous activities. WiFi enabled devices such as tablets and laptops  in the classroom possibly emit as much or more high frequency pulse modulated microwave radiation as a cell phone and they are in direct proximity to the children’s sensitive developing reproductive areas.


 13-84 09-03-2013 American Association For Justice 7520942173



Wireless Microwave Radiation and American Hyperopia: the smoke and mirrors of a false dichotomy in the making.

Waiter, they will take number 2 with a side of fries.

In the not so distant future, the unmitigated public health disaster in the making directly resulting from the wireless microwave radiation bombardment of human populations and the resultant environmental and human tragedy EMF issue will all be blamed on Fukushima. Just watch the talking heads on the idiot box begin to lay out the biggest red herring in human history with a twinkle in their eyes deeply recessed into their teleprompter reading facelifted mugs. Ladies and gentlemen you and your children are being had in a big bad way.

Yes Fukushima is thousands and thousands of miles away and what is spewing out of there is being diluted by quadrillions of gazillions of gallons of water and a billion gazillion trillions of cubic feet of air which at present are not even sporadically increasing background levels of ionizing radiation more that 50% or so when the jet stream makes a direct deposit on us. The ocean currents carry but vastly dilute. Remember all of the atomic testing over Nevada and the Pacific ocean? Been to Vegas lately?  How quickly we forget.  Yes the disaster in Japan is horrific at the local level but pales in comparison to what is being done in our airwaves, under our oceans, in our classrooms, bedrooms, backyards, workplaces and even in your and your children’s laps.

Water absorbs, amplifies and propagates these these pulse modulate man made square wave emissions that are trillions of times the normal background levels that exist in nature. The maximum dielectric loss of water begins at 2.45 GHz.  Most microwave communications systems employ anywhere from 900 MHz on up with some dancing around the magic number and most coming in right on the money.  Satellite communications systems, cell towers, masts, antennae arrays, and underwater communications systems have  literally become ubiquitous over night.  This is where the bath in these microwave emissions that the you, I, our children, and our planet is getting comes from. Yes they may be invisible but extremely powerful. They tell us not to worry because it is all low power?  Well that is a misconception. Low power relative to what? The oven in your kitchen? The fact is that these sources of microwave radiation emit levels at or above 1,000,000,000,000 times the normal background levels found in nature. Given that all life forms are mostly made up of water and the absorption peak of water is almost to the tee, the exact frequency of these emissions, one would expect problems. Fish kills, bird die offs and the like are not outside the realm of possibilities, especially when you combine the exposure to environmental contaminants like pollution and metals with these immune and health damaging emissions. Oxidative stress, Calcium channel disruptions and voltage discharges in the presence of metals inside living systems wreak havoc on biological processes that have otherwise been running in precision since the creation of the world.

What about the Tesla antennae array up around Gakona,  Alaska called “HAARP”?  Ostensibly it operates at anywhere from 2.8 MHz up to 10 MHz. At least that is what they admit. This thing emits at a power level of 3,600,000 watts. At least that is what they admit. What about these 5 story microwave towers floating around up in space?  My father always told me that the truth is where the big boys never tell you to look and and is never found where the bad boys send you to search. God rest his soul, he was so right on.

Let us not forget the children. You see these unborn children: along with the rest of us are constantly getting hit by sources, at times inches, instead of oceans away, with trillions of times the normal background levels of pulse modulated non-ionizing microwave radiation whose frequencies approach, equate to or exceed the resonance frequency of water from 900 MHz on up to 8 GHz from spread spectrum wireless access points, WiFi routers, wireless keyboards, cell towers, wireless antenna arrays, RF modules, wireless mouses, wireless TV’s,  wireless printers, wireless DVRs, wireless security camera systems, wireless video game controllers and consoles, cellphones, laptops, baby monitors, cell phones, tablets, microwave ovens, cordless phones and their base stations, and whatever else people are bringing home,  or live or work around.

None of the experts are concerned about that. As a matter of fact, research is directed down rabbit holes away from where it should be headed. Just look at the Autism tragedy: . How about effects on fertility?

Why is that? Is it a result of the several trillion dollar wireless industry, and the pension funds loaded to the hilt with these industry, paper tiger titans’ stock? Is it because the 800 billion dollar bonanza for Big Pharma is enjoying the sick joy ride with a well oiled production line manned by an army of servile two dimensional thinking list verifiers running 24/7 turning out damaged people from here to kingdom come that will end up on the pharmaceutical petrochemical poison fly paper with all of their appendages eventually? Oh think of the residuals.  Better yet, is it because there is an insidious stealth agenda to reduce human fertility?

Don’t worry, nothing to fear.  This is all just another inconvenient truth, aah um, I mean a conspiracy theory. If you have heard one then you have heard them all. Go back to sleep my little one, tune in, turn on and drop out while you all feel the love of big brother, big sister, big pharma and the good vibrations of the wireless industry beamed into your brains and bodies via the  300 channel blue glow wireless  idiot boxes that they Orwellianly refer to as “smart TVs”.

Nothing to see here, move along now. The experts tell us all the wireless stuff is safe. Oh what would we do without the the experts,  the gift that keeps on giving. They bestow upon us a legacy the likes of:

I submit to you that what you see is not what you get and what you don’t see is what is going to get you. It is the oldest trick in the book. Nothing to see here now move along is what the RF industry tells you as they bathe schoolchildren along with the rest of the unsuspecting in unprecedented levels of pulse modulated high frequency microwave radiation.

Keep your eyes on the ball ladies and gentlemen, and please don’t look at the red one.




The Fullerton Informer got a load of the 21st century learning’s Trojan horse microwave matrix common core sales pitch over at the Fullerton library the other night. Dr. George Giokaris and Dr. Bob Pletka both tried to serve it straight up on the rocks. All this talk about reinventing the public educational wheel that has failed this country beyond description over the course of the last 40 years or so really got me to thinking.  Have the terms privacy, critical thinking and education become mutually exclusive?  I believe that it sure looks that way folks as described in the following well written O.C. Register article:


Just you wait until the real journaling starts on those microwave transmitters coming to your children’s laps. Perhaps at your school, it is already happening. No matter how you slice it, it comes up lose lose for the children and now even the parents. As for me and mine, well, we ain’t buyin’ it.  The snake oil needs to stay in the bottle and the buffalo chips need to head back out to the pasture. As far as crossing the line, well irradiating young children all day long just so the brainwashing can continue and the algorithms and the dossiers can be compiled crosses ’em all ladies and gentlemen.







Oh yes, and non thermal effects of pulse modulated high frequency microwave radiation are just merely figments of our imaginations:


The two sides of The Fullerton Informer’s two cents.

On March 5, 2013, The Fullerton Informer began the quest to end what we believe to be the largest radiation experiment on children that the world has ever known.  Since that date we have logged close to a million hits from all over the world. We are by no means alone ladies and gentlemen.

Yes it all began as a result of an email from the Fullerton School District’s acting superintendent Dr. Robert Pletka.   I was previously involved with his office as a result of an investigation into my allegations of mistreatment of my son over at Acacia Elementary which directly involved principal Karen Whisnant and my son’s teacher Stephanie Givens. With the help of Trustee Chris Thompson, my wife and I arranged a meeting with Dr. Pletka to address my concerns. There was a subsequent investigation and upon conclusion of such, Dr. Pletka stated that he continued to believe that our concerns were real and he would take appropriate steps. The subsequent actions taken by the district were not made public but problems had ceased in the interim. It was’t long after that however, that they began again, remained ongoing, and ironically in my opinion, they still continue to this day. Stephanie Givens was awarded teacher of the year. The OC Register awarded Acacia Elementary the title of the number one school in Orange County and the smoke and mirrors  hid this bizarre irony for many.

At the time back in March, I felt that the rapport between Dr. Robert Pletka and I was good and the trust was there. I felt that I had his ear and he was willing to advocate for much needed change at Acacia.  Meanwhile,  Acacia school began a pilot program in my son’s GATE class which involved room 7  to go wireless. It was my choice at the time to subsequently remove my son from the GATE class when they decided several months into the school year to abandon pencil and paper and go 1:1 with Ipads. At the time I had no idea that entire school had WiFi systems that permeated every room. When I provided Dr. Robert Pletka with several links to articles, scientists’ claims, and videos that warn that the wireless classroom model had potential dangers, he responded to me that we have both formulated our opinions over a long time and a few articles here or there were not going to change either of our minds.  He then sent me some outdated links from the W.H.O. and information from  industry links from Cisco and the like. The emails continued back and forth for a short period but resulted in no progress. He never offered to personally meet and discuss these concerns. His mind was already made up. When Karen Whisnant was presented with this information, she as usual, responded with placation first and foremost, and then, as always, followed it up with patronization, thanking me for the thought provoking information. Of course nothing else was forthcoming from her. It was their display of authoritative arrogance coupled with the low road my son walked for months at Acacia that ushered in the dawn of and the tone of this movement as it involved the F.S.D.

The Fullerton School District is home to some 14,000+ students in grades K-8. Many of these students, unbeknownst to me, were already using WiFi enabled devices.  I found Dr. Pletlka’s Facebook page was riddled with photos of children in the F.S.D. using laptops and Ipads many literally resting down where they should be nowhere near.  What’s more, I found out that there were plans to go 1:1 throughout the entire district and Acacia was ground zero for the roll out. It turns out that this is what Dr. Robert Pletka had done in his previous stint in the San Diego County schools. The most vulnerable segment of the student population in Fullerton was slated for receiving the most microwave emissions exposure, more than that of the high school district. This to me was shocking. The next step was  for me to continue disseminating information regarding this issue to Dr. Pletka and Karent Whisnant which I did to no avail.

The more I researched into this issue, the more horrified I had become.  Within a matter of days, I began to question the various high schools if they indeed were wireless as of yet. I was told no. It was at that time we had requested a meeting with Dr. Giokaris and Dr. Williams from the F.J.U.H.S.D. to discuss our concerns. They agreed to meet with us and listen to our concerns. What seemed unusual at that time was the room adjacent to our meeting was full of district staff while Dr. Giokaris had his chair in the doorway to ensure the door remained open. It was obvious that a larger audience was in attendance. In the meantime, they were very open and up front about their plans and timeline.  He agreed to review the information and that was back in March of this year. There had been no formal contact initiated by his office until around labor day weekend when Dr. Williams called  to schedule a meeting to discuss the F.J.U.H.S.D.’s technology plan.

In the meantime, in the F.S.D., the rollout of the Ipad programs and the installation of the enterprise class Cisco wireless access points continued to encompass every school in the District. While this continued, I appeared at virtually every school board meeting jamming this website down their throats, with handouts followed by my three minute diatribes dressing them down, asking them not to proceed, and the technology expansion just continued to accelerate. I handed out  thousands of fliers and information packets to parents over the course of several months on numerous occasions, and sent mass emails to every school and administrative office in the entire Fullerton School District. Aside from the frightened parents, not one response from anyone in the F.S.D. except Trustee Chris Thompson and one other board member that said she was looking into it.  At one board meeting an F.S.D. teacher refused to accept one of my handouts because he said “I was told not to accept it….my superiors may have a problem with it…”

In the F.J.U.H.S.D., however,  something very different was going on. They were actually investigating what we alleged and put their plans on hold as a result.  Consequently, I continued to attend the F.J.U.H.S.D. board meetings and politely presented information and informed the board, administrative staff, and principals of the potential dangers of the proliferation of this technology. They were given handouts including the Autism hypothesis I wrote. As I stood at the door of the room handing out information to teachers and parents, not one refused the handouts. Aside from some concerned parents, months had gone by and not one  single F.J.U.H.S.D. member of staff, employee or board member reached out to me with a phone call or an email.

Meanwhile, in the F.S.D., my visits to the board meetings continued parallel to the F.J.U.H.S.D meetings but with a different tone and demeanor. The blog articles went along the same lines as the meetings. The basic tenet of the argument was questioning how when presented with all of the information over the course of several months, how did it appear that the F.S.D. continued to ignore it, not reach out to me, call a meeting to discuss an issue such as this and the whole time step on the gas and accelerate its roll out?

So here we have Dr. Giokaris putting plans on hold while investigating, and Dr. Pletka stepping on the gas. July came with a bang with the RF report released by the F.S.D. showing impossibly low microwave radiation levels in the classroom at my child’s school and a blanket total safety statement flying in the face of everything I had presented signed by,you guessed it,  Dr. Robert Pletka.

Yesterday The Fullerton Informer met with Dr. George Giokaris and Dr. Jennifer Williams and they confirmed that based on their research and findings, in spite of the thousands of scientific studies that show harm,  that they are proceeding with the district technology plan with virtually no changes except for the fact that the access points will not be located in classrooms.  That statement by Dr. Williams, in my opinion,proves that they are cognizant of the fact that there is some risk associated with these devices. Why else would they not locate them in the classrooms. Dr. Giokaris was asked point blank by myself, how many hours did he personally invest in researching this issue on this website and  he declined to state.  What is not clear to him is that the IP tracking logs had answered that question long before I asked it. After a rather lengthy discussion that even bordered on philosophical at times, we wrapped it up but not before I laid it all out to both of them like no other human being that they will ever meet for the rest of their lives. The meeting went well. They both agreed to disagree with us. I parted ways and shook his hand and bid Dr. George well and reminded Dr.  Williams to remind her friends that Autism is a disease of electromagnetic exposure and not food allergies. It was clear to me she didn’t read it either.

The point of all of this is that The Fullerton Informer, much like a coin, has two sides. It can flip rather easily I might add. We simultaneously chose two parallel paths to deal with the same issue with two separate school districts based on the footings established by each district’s respective administrators. We took two roads. The high road was chosen in our dealings with the F.J.U.H.S.D. and Dr. George Giokaris as he began the journey by listening and applying the brake.  The low road was taken with the F.S.D. and Dr. Robert Pletka as he began the journey by dismissing the information and stepping on the gas.

Heck we even took a side road along the way when we took  our gig to the June 27th A.S.C.I.P meeting and they made us shut off our camera.  It got a Bagley-Keene Act violation investigation going with the AG but at least I got to meet the big cheese attorney, and got to see the some familiar and some not so familiar faces that are all actively involved in flipping the switch to irradiate school kids all over the golden state.

Ironically, understanding full well, the nature of the command and control educational bureaucracy, the top down edicts from the Executive Branch down to the techs hanging those Cisco access points on the classroom walls down to the staff loading the Ipad cart, I knew that ultimately all involved would take the low road. I expected this even though some walked with me on the high road. You see folks, this is a big deal and in my opinion, there is no bigger deal than what I believe to be this insidious, stealth threat to if not an attack on our children’s fertility. The telecom laws protect the RF industry and the school officials, FCC exposure guidelines set 100 million times higher than some of the most cultured Europeans open the floodgates for the proliferation,  Madison avenue has you and your kids hook line and sinker, and of course the CTA and CalPers have the golden handcuffs on the certificated staff to where they can’t say no even though the union contracts are strong enough for them all to simultaneously stand on top of and stop this. The administrators can’t break rank for fear of loss of reputation, fear of conflict with parents or superiors, or loss of their peace of mind having to wonder if they will be watched over like those trying to stop this by those trying to implement it at the highest levels. Sadly for some it is simply a religion relegated to merely fill the void. It is that void that the pursuit of the insatiable gods of materialism and status have left inside as their backs continue to turn on the children with the kids always coming last in all of the decisions. Don’t tell me they come first. I have read the contracts, the minutes and the agendas. Look at the payroll, look at the busted up black top, look at the benefits costs and look at the drinking fountains, look at the shortened school year and look at the class sizes, look at the administration costs and look at the fiddle playing the parents for everything under the sun, look at the paycheck and look at the lead pipes, look at the orthodontic plan and look at the asbestos tiles, look at the wireless health risks and look what your kids are using instead of text books. I could go on.

So as a result,  the children  are to be condemned  for the rest of their lives to 24/7 microwave emissions in the classroom, in the gym, multipurpose room, library, restaurants,  trains, airports, and at home for hours on end with these  pulse modulated high frequency microwave transmitters sitting and emitting in their precious little laps in direct proximity to their sensitive developing reproductive areas. In return, everyone involved gets to get excited about all this Trojan horse called 21st century learning with the common core oozing out of its orifices, they mistakenly think that they get to keep their jobs, get to go wine tasting and eat bacon in Europe this summer all the while this stuff is going to put them all out of work someday sooner than they can imagine.

It has been my suspicion and contention all along that at the highest levels, this is part of an agenda to affect human fertility, specifically aimed at the female ovum in our young girls and the sperm in the pubescent boys with Autism merely being an unintended consequence. Think of where these devices are most of the time.  THERE ARE NO LONG TERM STUDIES ON THIS ANYWHERE AND I BELIEVE THAT THIS IS BY DESIGN. THIS IS UNCHARTED TERRITORY FOLKS. Dr. Robert Pletka and Dr. George Giokaris just set sail with your kids on board.  You wonder why they don’t want to sail the thing in my direction?  I believe that they are afraid to stand up for the kids a midst this uncertainty. I have heard multiple administrators tell me that “Joe-all the districts are doing this… it is the way the world is going…”  So if everyone is jumping off of the Brooklyn Bridge do we follow them?

When I look into the eyes of the staff, board members, and parents that are involved in this debate, I see fear, I see worry, I see shame. Everyone knows this stuff can’t be good. Few have the courage to stand up against it. It is easier to delve into the bottle or some other escape than to face this head on. Once you do try to face this reality, you have to come up against it all because this stuff is going in everywhere.  But hey, are the kids not worth it? Like I have said in prior posts, some of the most foolish people that I have ever known were the most educated.

I knew all along that both roads would ultimately lead us to the same destination. I understand that it is easier to arrive if you take the road everyone else is on. You can’t get lost by yourself that way, you simply get lost with everyone else that way. For servile school administrators to trust in antiquated and inadequate FCC exposure guidelines that are 100 million times higher than those of some Europeans that ignore an entire realm of effects, to not personally investigate the issue and relegate the researching to their insurance companies and risk managers, to keep looking the other way and ignore piles and piles of scientific studies and evidence warning of the potential dangers to the children of unprecedented pulse modulated microwave high frequency radiation levels in Fullerton’s classrooms that are trillions of times higher than the levels 50 years ago that our parents lived with, in my opinion is despicable. I believe that we might as well stick Bob and George in a mold and make  rubber stamps out of both of them.

We may not know for years, uttered Dr. Giokaris, We will not know until it is too late says I.  Based on the decisions of these two men, who dealt with the two sides of my coin, and walked two different roads on the way, they ended up arriving at the same conclusions which, in my opinion, translates to heads or tails, the kids lose.

Ladies and gentlemen, now that the high and the low roads have come together, the merge sign is in the rear view mirror, with the two roads having converged, may I suggest that all of you look in the rear view mirror and out in front, and be aware of what I have known all along, that the road is slippery when wet. You have been warned. I believe that precaution has been thrown to the wind by these two leaders in spite of the many speed limit and warning signs posted right in front of them along the way. In my opinion, they have willfully chosen to roll the dice with your children’s reproductive health. Do they have that right? Absolutely not!

We will now move to even further expand our information campaign to the parents of the students in the F.J.U.H.S.D. as well as the F.S.D. and the community at large.  We welcome you all to this critical debate that is worthy of as much lighting, signage, caution and attention that is humanly capable of being employed and invested so that we can begin ending the largest radiation experiment on children that world has ever known. Fasten your seat belts. Give us your two cents worth, stay tuned and please don’t touch that dial.


The RF Industry gets what it pays for. Will your children end up paying for what they get in the FSD’s and the FJUHSD’s wireless classrooms?


Push too late and it won’t work.

Yes the R.’s have it but not for much longer.  You know folks, I believe that the Fullerton School District parents and children deserve better than R. Schulze, the F.S.D.’s self proclaimed “attack dog of truth” in this fight, R. Pletka, the F.S.D.’s superintendent and what we believe to be his misleading safety assurances, and of course the slick moves of R. Craven, the soon to be ex F.S.D. technology director. 

What we believe is on the line are your children’s reproductive and physical health, cognitive function and critical thinking skills’ development in that order.

There are clearly two sides to this debate.  On one side it involves an entrenched trillion dollar industry involving companies like APPLE, CISCO, and GOOGLE with orders from The Executive Branch to roll this out, along with servile school administrators and staff who appear to be unable to wrap their arms around the other side of the story or simply refuse to expose themselves to it.  On the other side of the aisle are thousands of peer reviewed articles and the scientists behind them, flanked by parents that simply see the forest for the trees, sound the alarm and say no. So the ten thousand dollar question is why do the teachers, board members, administrators, staff, PTA and foundations all appear to have blindfolds on and earplugs in? We now begin to peel back the layers of the proverbial onion for you.


This just came in from Ray, one of our commenters that dares to care and dares to tell it like it is. With his logging thousands of hours of research on this issue spanning over 20 years, and his flagship website WIFI IN SCHOOLS.COM , he writes:

“Parents deserve quality information, not heavily biased industry-influenced reporting from a hack website. For the past several months we’ve been reading post after post by this R. Schulze individual. He’s been providing links to scientific reports claiming that EMR radiation is not a health issue.

Schulze has consistently refused to acknowledge any and all scientific evidence that reports EMR radiation to be harmful. He just pretends that it doesn’t exist, and instead refers us to links provided by a website called “EMF and Health”. This site is blatantly biased, and promotes a denialist perspective.

Well I did some digging on this website and learned founded by an electronics tycoon by the name of Lorne Trottier.

Trottier, who has deep ties to the wireless industry, financed an operation to public deny the hazards of EMR radiation and the validity of electro-sensitivity. He hired 60 academics, mostly from McGill University and Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, to which he has donated tens of millions of dollars.

Another of EMF and Health’s contributors is Michel Plante, a consultant for Hydro Quebec, one of the largest electrical utilities in Canada.

Joe Schwarz of EMF and Health is also a known industry shill who not only defends the safety of EMF, but also the safety of Aspartame, pesticides, and GMO, etc, for companies the like of Monsanto. Schwartz is also the Director of McGill University’s Office for Science and Society, which is “dedicated to demystifying science for the public”, and which receives millions in funding from the Lorne Trottier family trust.

Parents deserve to have high quality scientific information and should be warned that the pro-EMF site Schulze has been referring to is anything but independent science.”





The FCC allows for 100 MILLION more times the microwave exposure than The Austrian Medical Association recommends.

RF Radiation Regulations

It is truly a tale of two cities. Yes indeed folks, yes indeed and oceans apart. The Fullerton School District’s Board of Trustees, administrators, principals, teachers, staff and even most of the PTA groups and Foundations are all aware of what we are attempting to stop which is what we believe to be the extremely dangerous forced irradiation of our school children with pulse modulated high frequency microwave emissions to run these totally unnecessary wireless classrooms. My son, who is not using a microwave transmitter at this time as participation is OPTIONAL if you were not aware, tells me it seems like game day every day. All this just so the kids can play games on their Ipads? He finishes with pencil and paper far ahead of his classmates on problems and assignments. He said the other kids get to play games on their Ipads often and everyday. That is certainly what is going on at the Morningside afterschool day care since WiFi was installed recently as well at the behest of the parents ostensibly so the children can do their homework on the Ipads. Ask the staff. It is game day everyday over there now thanks to Mr. Pletka. His agenda has spilled over into the infant care centers now.

Well there was a time when my wife and I would walk in to the day care facility and see all the kids at the tables with their pencils in hand and their noses in their books doing their homework. Well at least the director has partially followed my advice by shutting off the WiFi until the kids get there in the afternoon sparing the infants, preschoolers and the kindergarten late birds the needless and dangerous RF exposure. Oh I forgot, it is all about the common core. You know even as of today, 6 months into this thing, still not one single solitary servile FSD employee has had the courage or decency to break rank and stand up for these kids. It is amazing what a paltry paycheck and a few bucks will do to peoples’ consciences. Ignoring thousands of peer reviewed scientific studies that show harmful effects and sicking an unqualified attack dog on us to obfuscate the issue is not what the children deserve.

So what gives with the folks across the Atlantic deeming 100 MILLION times less microwave radiation exposure as being the upper limit on safe exposure? What do they know that we don’t? Why are their Autism rates one third of the US? How could there be a 100,000,000 variation? THAT IS TOTALLY INSANE.

It can only amount to one of several possibilities. The first is that they know something that we don’t. It is also possible that our government knows something that they know but don’t want us to know, or lastly no one knows anything and they pulled the 10 to 8th power odds off of the back of a powerball ticket. Somewhere in the middle is the Bio Initiative report that the wireless industry and the academia bobble heads pick apart with their RF industry sharpened Pinocchio schnozes. Those folks are a bit more liberal than those from that far land across the sea at the center of culture and wealth at a recommendation of 30,000 times less exposure. Who are these folks? They are scientists. Who are folks at the Austrian Medical Association? They are doctors who happen to live in one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Who are the folks at the FCC? Well it is simply a regulatory agency. It is not a public health agency. They don’t have one single medical doctor on its entire payroll. So what do they give us? They give us EXPOSURE GUIDELINES 100 million times higher than the Austrians and to add insult to injury, they get themselves off the hook because the guidelines are NOT SAFETY STANDARDS.

How can something so important, be given to chance? How do we have people with Ed.D’s who demand to be called docktahs, people with MBA’s, and risk managers looking the other way while these disparities are glaring them in the face with me at the microphone every two weeks and me passing out fliers in the parking lots every chance they provide me a captive audience making crucial health decisions for 15,000 school children. These folks have appeared to demonstrate that they themselves don’t even understand these numbers by allowing the THE FSD’s RF report and press release to stand with what I believe to be preposterous readings and false and misleading statements of total safety. They just follow orders. If it is legal and the order comes down, they simply flip the switch. We are not getting what we pay for but we are certainly getting what we deserve if no one dares to speak up for these kids.

I firmly believe that these wildly varying numbers clearly show that the meaning of the FSD’s very own superintendent Robert Pletka’s claim that this is “totally safe for the children” is merely based on what I believe to be his extremely limited understanding of the issue, and a mere subjective interpretation of the facts. Ladies and gentlemen, that is simply a chance that none of us should be willing to take with our most valuable assets who happen to be our own children.


9-11: Was it a secret encounter of large powerful entities involving the highest echelons of economic, military and government power as they converged to the shrink the collective mind of America and to pillage the entire planet?

Trust no one and question everything

As Americans, we have not only the right, but also the duty to question government. We must keep it on a short leash and not the other way around. Thousands tragically lost their lives that morning. Hundreds of thousands if not millions more lost theirs in the questionable wars following the disaster. Billions more hang in the teetering balance of power today.

Because you have a right to know, we at The Fullerton Informer dare to push the envelope. On 9-11-13, in the midst of our quest to end the largest radiation experiment on young school children that the world has ever seen, we revisit this issue. The result of this mass deception that weighs in equally as heavily whose ramifications that, to this day, continue to wreak havoc around the globe, is the creation of the pretext to attack any nation, anywhere for just about any reason. Now in America anyone can be arrested for anything at anytime and be held indefinitely with cause or a trial. Privacy is merely a myth and 1984 arrived in the twinkling of an eye for those of you that were not paying attention. The justification for all of this has been established in the minds of the deluded people by the controlled media at the hands of those who aimlessly wander the halls of power.

On this Patriot Day, flanked by the Patriot Act, under the ominous umbrella of the NDAA we now live in a total surveillance society tracked, traced and controlled by computers and cameras.  24/7 operation mockingbird fear mongering is the instrument of psychological control on the 3000 channel idiot box and cattle stall talk radio circuits. Insidious meta data gathering, biometrics, eavesdropping, wiretapping, and flickering blue glow melatonin disrupting TV screens everywhere jamming constant fright, propaganda and lies down our throats now accompany us 12 years later with the ridiculous official story still being propped up by the crumbling institutions who no longer have or deserve our trust. Do we as a people have the courage to face the compelling evidence as well as the width and depth of the reality that our once trusted institutions are actively betraying the American people and the world? If they will lie about something as in your face as this, there are no limits to depths of the pit that they are digging for humanity. The sooner we face the facts, the better the chances that our children may actually have some semblance of what we once took for granted but have since abdicated with our eyes wide shut and our inexcusable apathy.







I beleive that FSD’s very own Robert Pletka’s wireless classroom safety assurance:  is a house of cards ladies and gentlemen.

Lets not forget what is keeping them up at night, and maybe even you too as studies have shown that invisible microwave electromagnetic radiation from WiFi, laptops, tablets and cell phones inhibit the production of a hormone called melatonin.  Melatonin is produced by the pineal gland  in the brain and one of its primary functions is to regulate our sleep cycle. When inadequate amounts of melatonin are produced our sleep cycle is compromised.
Why is this important? If you don’t get into the deeper phases of the sleep cycle at night the body cannot repair itself. Cells aren’t rejuvenated. Sleep is necessary for growth as well this repair process to occur and we all need it, especially our children.

Here is a letter from a local parent sent to all governing authorities involved in this issue:

I am a Southern California mother of three and have a child in a school that is implementing one to one technology in the classroom. It was not until I stumbled upon information regarding wireless radiation that I became aware of the extremely critical health implications of such an environment in which 30+ wireless devices, operating 6 hours/day, 180 days/year for a child’s school career, are emitting an unprecedented amount of radiation on our children. In the process, I discovered a bottomless pit of studies and information that attest to the harms of wireless radiation.

The parents do not know that they are sending their children into an environment, surrounded by a Class 2b Carcinogen, classified as such by the World Health Organization. That is the same classification as lead, DDT, and engine exhaust. In what context would a classroom filled with engine exhaust ever be okay? The parents do not know that medical doctors, scientists, and researchers are identifying the following wireless radiation health effects: ADHD, autism, infertility, DNA damage to human sperm, childhood leukemia, neurological and cardiovascular problems, cognitive disfunction, pain, fatigue, mood disorders, dizziness, nausea, weakness, and skin problems. The question is: what is this wireless radiation doing to the human eggs in our daughters? Additionally, many of these health problems are not immediately evident and manifest themselves years after exposure, which makes everyone think that there are no harms from these emissions. The parents do not know that research into wireless radiation has been going on for decades and has yielded thousands of studies indicating harm:
The parents do not know that something that they cannot see, hear, touch, smell or taste is a danger to their children. The parents do not know the numerous websites that have cropped up addressing just the subject of wireless classrooms:

WiFi In Schools, United States
WiFi In Schools, United Kingdom
WiFi In Schools, Australia
Citizens 4 Safe Technology
Center For Safer Wireless
Safe In School
Safe School
School Radiation Dot Com

The time is past due for the FCC to acknowledge the dangers of wireless radiation. Wireless technology has an implied safety that is dangerous and not justified. People, if they were aware of this information, would feel that there is immediate need for the FCC to step in and re-establish guidelines to ensure the public health.

The general population will begin finding out the following facts about the FCC’s role in allowing the unfettered proliferation of wireless radiation on our children and loved ones:


1) The FCC guidelines were last updated in 1996; that was 17 years ago. Why is that?
2) The FCC guidelines are based on thermal exposure and completely ignore non-thermal biological effects. Why is that? Non- thermal effects are the concern with wireless radiation.
3) No long-term studies have been funded on the non-thermal effects of wireless radiation. Why is that?
4) FCC current exposure guidelines allow for hundreds of trillions of times more exposure than our parents were exposed to as children. Why is that?

Parents are unknowingly sending their children back to school this Fall into classrooms filled with wireless radiation and there is no choice in the matter. These decisions are being made for the parents. School districts, when confronted with the harms of wireless classrooms, ignore or discount it because it conflicts with their one to one technology plans. They stand on the FCC’s guidelines and tech industry funded studies as reason for safety and are dismissive of parents raising concerns. Wired technology is known to be safe and a healthy choice for our children. Why take the risk with our children’s health with wireless?

Parents and the general public are trusting in the FCC to be taking care of this and, clearly, with 1996 guidelines, that is not the case. In the schools, knowledgeable parents are caught between administrators who falsely proclaim wireless radiation as “totally safe”, that there is no “absolute proof” of the harms of wireless radiation, resting on outdated FCC guidelines, and, what is now, decades of research that says it is not.

Please consider the application of the Precautionary Principle, as stated by Joel Moskowitz, Ph.D., Director, Center for Family and Community Health, University of California, Berkeley, in a letter dated February 8, 2013, to the Los Angeles Unified School District writes: “The precautionary principle should be applied to this critical policy decision. This principle, developed at a U.N. environmental conference in 1992 states that in the absence of scientific consensus if an action has a suspected risk of causing harm, the burden of proof it is not harmful falls on those taking the action, and all reasonable measures to reduce the risk must be taken.” Our school children should not be in classrooms with wireless radiation until it can be proved that it is safe.

The urgency of this matter cannot be overstated. The health issues of wireless radiation are not going away. Many of these issues, such as dramatic growth rates of autism diagnosis and ADHD, are unaccounted for. The causes have not been identified. Our rate in Orange County CA is now 1 in 63. The FCC has a tremendous responsibility and a great opportunity to step forward and do the right thing. Please, incorporate the Precautionary Principle in the FCC guidelines, now, and call a halt to wireless radiation in our classrooms until it can be proven safe.

Finally, what does it say about us if we, as human beings, do not ensure the safety of our most vulnerable, our children?

Thank you,

Fullerton Mom


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