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This required a lot more than just her two hands.

I live in Fullerton.  My kids attend Fullerton schools.  I go to public meetings all the time that pertain to what, when, where and how things are going to affect my community and how those bestowed with the revocable public trust will behave when no one is looking.  As a card carrying taxpaying member of the 65th Assembly district, I was invited by my Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk Silva along with all the rest of the 145,000+ residents of Fullerton to attend a little shindig over at the local High School down the street with the top dog Torlakson and all the rest of the education brass who just so happen to be the ones who could pull the plug on this massive radiation experiment taking place in classrooms all over this once Golden State.



So naturally, we RSVPed.  The Fullerton Informer showed up with our banner, and set up camp right on the first amendment protected sidewalk right next to the entrance to Troy High School and proceeded to notify the educrats, parents, students and anyone else that pulled in that by their silence on this issue, that they are all possibly complicit in exposing these children and students to unprecedented levels of pulse modulated high frequency microwave radiation trillions of times higher than what our parents were exposed to as children, that could potentially cause reproductive harm, cancer, ADHD and a myriad of other health problems with this wireless agenda.  These, by the way, are not simply my assertions: microwave radiation, cancer and infertility.  There are thousands of studies out there on this.

After about an hour or so filming the train of cars passing us on the sidewalk, I figured it was time for a little meet and greet, so I decided to mosey on in to the reception to taste some of the fruit and see if they really filter the water.  I got to the sign in table and signed in.  I went to get my name tag and WHADDAYA KNOW, THEY DIDN’T HAVE ONE FOR ME!

Well, as I stood there, I was greeted by a  parent that I have known for some time from little league and she was encountering the same problem.  She was not on the list either.  She didn’t have a name tag either.  As a matter of fact, in the 72 seconds that I stood at the tables, I noticed that many people were not on the list and were being encouraged to fill out their own name tags by the gals working the tables.  Not long after I put a lemon slice in my water, Ed Kephart, who was watching me on the sidewalk, singled me out to SRO Kendler.  Officer Kendler told me, “because you are not on the guest list, you have to leave.”  I advised him that it was a public meeting and that I RSVPed the day before and he repeated, “you have to leave”.

I wonder why they didn’t call in some back up from Anaheim PD to escort the other 50 people in attendance that were not on the list either?  Well folks, it is simply because I was the only one in attendance at this public meeting that they wanted the heck out of there.  You see, I believe that I was merely singled out solely based on what the meeting organizers thought I might  say at the meeting, and as such appears to have been a conscious content-based decision specifically designed to rob me of my ability to exercise my First Amendment rights and observe and participate in that meeting.  They did not want me to be permitted to participate in the meeting or hear what the speakers had to say. Gee, I wonder why?  Could it be that I was going to address the fact that they were all involved in a massive wireless agenda that according to scientific research, has the potential to cause cancer and reproductive harm to school children?  Yeah,  they didn’t want me asking any questions alright.  I wonder if they all pledged allegiance as they plotted.

So instead, I simply chose the high road and allowed myself to be publicly humiliated, and temporarily forgo my First Amendment rights after I was confronted by a man in a black uniform with a gun.  Perplexed, I agreed to leave the premises without any further ado.  Being disruptive could certainly have been grounds for removal and someone held in the high esteem by these fellows like myself  was by no means willing to make myself an occupant of the back seat of a black and white in this town, especially when the air and the company was much better on the sidewalk anyway. You know what they say, you pick your battles wisely.

So I was told to leave a public meeting because I was not on the guest list.  This obviously made no sense  to me so I proceeded to call Quirk Silva’s local office.  The gentlemen on the phone took my number and told me that he would contact her staff to see what was going on.  I asked him if it was a public meeting and he told me it was “an RSVP meeting” -(never heard of one of those).  I asked him if he could confirm the RSVP list while we were talking and he couldn’t confirm the  names on the list.  After a period of time on hold, he came back on the line and told me, “your being asked to leave was a matter of campus security and the Assemblywoman, and her staff hadn’t the authority to override a campus security decision or issue.”

What was the problem, now really? How many seats was I going to occupy?  By the looks of this room I could have have brought my 8th grader’s entire classes for a civics lesson.




Here is what our illustrious assembly woman Sharon Quirk Silva  had to say about this supposed “invitation only” meeting “I was pleased to invite State Superintendent Tom Torlakson to visit Troy High School. As a former teacher and local elected official it is essential to bring state and local policymakers, students, parents, teachers and administrators to discuss how we can work together and increase student success in California schools.” — huh?  Last time I checked, I was a parent— four times over. 

My next call was to the Fullerton Police Department dispatch.  I briefly explained where I was and what happened and that I wanted to know the specific reason that I was asked to leave.  The dispatcher took my phone number and told me that she would have the officer come out and talk to me. So I waited on the sidewalk where earlier in the morning, the SRO and Kephart and Avina  were staring at me earlier in the morning, holding up the banner on the sidewalk with my associates.  They knew where I was and who I came with and which car was mine.  Time had passed and that filtered water got the better of me.  I had to make a decision.  Do I go into the Troy office and ask to use the restroom where I was now  the subject of “a campus security issue” or do I go down the street to Western State to use their facilities?  Well, I chose the latter given the circumstances.

Wouldn’t you know, officer Kandler and Kephart came out for a peek, when I was not there for about 10 minutes, walked halfway to the sidewalk where my associates were standing with the banner, and went back inside without asking them where I was.  For another hour or so, I waited for a phone call or him to come outside.  As it turns out, another mom we know stopped by to chat with us and we told her what was going on and she offered to call officer Decaprio.  She did and he offered to send a out a Sargent in about 15 minutes.  Well, 15 minutes came and went a couple of times so one of my associates called him again.  He said Sargent Williams will be on the way.  About 20 minutes later, a cruiser rolls into the parking lot and heads for the office.  Officer Williams gets out and goes inside.  We remained on the sidewalk but moved to the eastern driveway to show the guests our message as they departed.  Close to 11:00 am, Williams emerged from the office with Kandler speaking on the steps.  I assumed that since I called dispatch, and 2 calls were made to officer Decaprio, and that I was told to leave the premises, that I was to wait on the sidewalk for them.  Well, I waited and around 11:15 or so, Williams starts heading back to his car in what appears to be his attempt to drive away.  So, here I stand on the sidewalk exiled from the long since concluded public meeting waiting for an answer from the Fullerton Police officers as to why I was asked to leave watching him about to bail the scene.  My associate hurried toward him and flagged him down.  I walked over and  I spoke with both of the officers and asked why I was asked to leave a public meeting.  SRO Kendler told us that Tom Torlakson’s aide gave the order to have me removed.  The reason was because I was not an invited guest.  I proceeded to remind them that it was a public meeting.  Officer Williams explained that it was all a misunderstanding and that SRO Kendler attempted to make contact with me to let me know that I could come back in.  I explained that no one called my cell phone from the FPD or Sharon’s office, and no one attempted to make contact with my associates to see where I went for those 10 minutes while we waited on the sidewalk for 2 and 1/2 hours for them to come tell me what I did wrong.  I chose not to split hairs and we parted ways.  Chalk it up to experience I guess.

Later that day, I sent an email to the FJUHSD superintendent and an email to Tom Torlakson asking for some clarity and who gave the orders to have me removed.


This afternoon, I received the following email from Jennifer Williams from the FJUHSD:

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Jennifer Williams <>
Date: Thu, Oct 24, 2013 at 4:04 PM
Subject: RE: Meeting at Troy High School with guest speaker California State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson 10-23-13.
To: joe imbriano <>
Cc: George Giokaris <>
Dear Mr. Imbriano,

Please accept the District’s sincerest apology for initially not allowing you to participate yesterday at the State of the Education event held at Troy High School (TRHS).

We offer this explanation not in any attempt to excuse what happened, but only to possibly assist you in accepting our apology.

There was a miscommunication yesterday between the staff members from Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva’s office, the TRHS Resource Officer (SRO), TRHS administrators, and Dr. Williams.  As you are aware, the event was coordinated by Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva’s office with the assistance of the District.  The District believed the event was by invitation only.  We had assisted the Assemblywoman’s staff members in preparing a portion of the invitation list; and therefore, we knew your name was not on the list.  The TRHS administration and the SRO asked if you had been invited and our staff members said you had not.  The staff members from Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva’s office thought TRHS administration and the District wanted you to leave and told the SRO to ask you to leave.  The District was unaware that Assemblywoman Quirk-Silva’s office had posted an open invitation on their web site.  By the time staff were made aware of the misunderstanding and instructed the SRO to go back and find you, you were gone.   It is our understanding that SRO Kandler followed up and spoke with you to explain as well.

Again, we sincerely apologize.


Jennifer Williams, Ed.D.

Director Administrative Services

Fullerton Joint Union High School District


Did you catch that?  Where does one begin?  Well, semantics for starters.  Let’s begin with “initially”.  Jennifer starts out with, “Please accept the District’s sincerest apology for initially not allowing you to participate. Last time I checked, initially was defined as of, relating to, or occurring at the beginning.   Initially? What the heck? I didn’t find out that I could go back into the meeting until AFTER THE MEETING WAS OVER.

I believe here is the only kernel of truth and husk of honesty in this whole rotten ear of corn.  “We offer this explanation not in any attempt to excuse what happened.”   Of course they can’t attempt to excuse the fact that they clearly violated my First Amendment rights and treated me like a criminal. 

Do they think that I just fell off the turnip truck or something?  If this is the sincerest apology they have to offer, I would hate to see what the phony one looks like.  Look gang, lets go line by line here.  These people are amazing.  What happened to me yesterday was downright wrong and unethical.  I was singled out from a group of 300+ people just because I want this radiation experiment on our kids to come to an end and I make no bones about our position.

So with the decades of experience that these administrators have in combing through $120 million dollar budgets every other month with a  fine tooth comb, an electron microscope and a metal detector and hosting events at sensitive locations such as SCHOOLS, do you think that they knew the difference between a meeting that was open to the public and one that was by invitation only?  Ok, let’s assume that they are not lying. I will give the the benefit of the doubt for the next ten seconds.  So if the FJUHSD staff really believed that it was an invitation only meeting with State level guests attending, then they would be CHECKING INVITATIONS AT THE DOOR. They were doing no such thing.  So what do we make of Assemblywoman  Sharon Quirk Silva’s flyers and announcements that invited the ENTIRE 65th Assembly district and just about anyone else that has a pulse on her PUBLIC website and FACEBOOK page?  I guess the FJUHSD staff missed those too.

Jennifer Williams goes on to say that the  FJUHSD staff “ had assisted the Assemblywoman’s staff members in preparing a portion of the invitation list; and therefore, we knew your name was not on the list“. Wow, so if you prepare a portion of the list then you know who is not on the portion that you didn’t prepare?  Clairvoyance huh, Jennifer?  So preparing part of an RSVP  list gives them the omniscience that  ” therefore, we knew your name was not on the list”.  Amazing.

“The TRHS administration and the SRO asked if you had been invited and our staff members said you had not.” Ah, the million dollar questions right here folks:






Oh boy – “The staff members from Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva’s office thought TRHS administration and the District wanted you to leave and told the SRO to ask you to leave.”  No – Sharon’s office told me that they didn’t know why I was asked to leave and it  “was a matter of campus security and they had no power to override it”.  SRO Kendler told us that it was Torlakson’s aide that ordered us to be removed.

This is a real humdinger right here: “The District was unaware that Assemblywoman Quirk-Silva’s office had posted an open invitation on their web site.” Really?  Can I schedule a meeting on campus, post invitations everywhere, invite the whole world, and not clear that part with Dr. George?  The health and safety of State level officials and a thousand students was potentially on the line when you opened up an in use, fully operational, fully occupied school facility to host a meeting with hundreds of guests and you apparently didn’t understand what the scope and nature of the invitation and announcement process as well as those who will be in attendance were?  Got some dough Dr. George? I got some land on the surface of the sun for sale if your are interested.

 By the time staff were made aware of the misunderstanding and instructed the SRO to go back and find you, you were gone.”  REALLY?  While my bright, yellow car glistened in the parking lot, my remaining outside for 3 hours, with our repeated calls to the FPD and Sharon’s office with not one return call, and without any attempts to contact me or my associates for 2 1/2 hours including the measly ten minutes that I was gone to the restroom, that is called attempting to make contact with me?  There was obviously NO legitimate attempt by SRO Kendler, Sharon’s office, her staff, FJUHSD Staff or the FPD to contact me.

“It is our understanding that SRO Kandler followed up and spoke with you to explain as well.”  We expended a massive amount of effort to get someone to follow up and explain why I got the royal treatment, and yes SRO Kendler did explain the most important part of the whole thing – that is who gave the order to run me off.  Kendler stated that it was Torlakson’s aide who gave the order.

We cannot overlook  Troy High School principal, Dr. Avina’s assessment of yesterdays event from the school website

We have had a wonderful fall at Troy High School.  We had the honor of hosting State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Torlekson as well as Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva, and Orange County Superintendent of Schools Al Mijares this month. This event was attended by local school superintendents, city mayors, PTA presidents, and educators throughout the Fullerton area. Our amazing custodians made the campus look beautiful, and our office staff was pivotal in creating a welcoming environment. The “buzz” of the event was the gorgeous Halloween pumpkins which were hand-painted by students in Mike Thomas’s AP Studio Art class. Many thanks to everyone who made this event special.”

Did you catch that? The staff was staff was pivotal in creating a welcoming environment? Yeah as long as you are a blind supporter of the agenda,  you  got your very own name tag.  Holy smokes!  The buzz of the event was the pumpkins? What kind of kool aid were they drinking inside that theater room anyway?  They illegally throw me out of a public meeting on my rear end as my associates and I are out on the sidewalk trying to warn every Tom, Dick, and Harry in the joint about the potential for cancer, ADHD, reproductive harm and a host of other maladies that could be staring every kid in the face in the FJUHSD  from the common core microwave matrix that Giokaris just green lighted, and it’s all about the pumpkins.  As amateur night states so eloquently on this blog -“man alive.”  I digress.

Well, let’s get back to the District’s mouthpiece or piece in mouth.

Dr. Williams, I cannot accept an insincere apology from a public servant that willingly chooses to ignore literally thousands of peer reviewed scientific studies that warn against what you and Dr. George have blatantly chosen to do, that is to proceed with the district’s wireless technology plan on the heels of all of the information that you have been personally presented with that you choose to ignore.  Instead you have decided to proceed to irradiate every last one of the children in the FJUHSD.

Dr. Williams, I will not accept an insincere apology from a steward of the public trust who in my opinion, cannot be trusted by putting forth such an obfuscation in the form of such a preposterous explanation for my being purposely singled out, publicly humiliated, and removed from an open public meeting solely based on what the meeting organizers thought I might do or say at the meeting.  This, as such, appears to have been a content-based decision that was intentionally made to violate and interfere with the exercise of my first amendment rights and to keep me out of that meeting.  Once again, I was publicly humiliated and your insincere diatribe speaks volumes as to how you appear to have every intention to continue to do just that by insulting my intelligence with this pathetic spin. And to think I took the high road over the last 7 months with the FJUHSD simply behooves me right now.  Can you imagine if my lovely wife was with me while you guys publicly gave me the shaft?  You guys are a real class act.

Jennifer, please, save it for later.  Let me know when you manage to remove that foot from your mouth, and  please try speaking a little clearer next time with a lot more sincerity and a lot less of everything else.  As far as the First Amendment goes over at the Troy campus, have your staff review it, would you please?  Make sure you include the Harvard trained helmswoman over there with the walkie talkie (Troy High School principal, Dr. Avina).  Get ready because the kids are already asking about this wireless stuff.  The parents and the teachers will be next.  I guess we will see how the First Amendment pans out over on Dorothy behind those gates.  It is alive and well on the sidewalk.

In the meantime, The Fullerton Informer will continue our efforts to expose and end the largest radiation experiment on children that the world has ever known and we hope that all involved will realize that silence on this issue is complicity.  Your paltry paychecks are not worth it people. Well, sadly, to some, as we have seen, they just may be.






Press Release

California State of Education Event Attendees Get Surprise Message from Fullerton Group

Source: The Fullerton Informer Dated: Oct. 23, 2013
FULLERTON, Calif. — A small group and a large sign greeted State Superintendent Tom Torlakson, as well as the local and state education officials at an event held at Troy High School to discuss the current and future state of education in California. The message read as follows: “What are the long term health consequences of wireless devices in the classroom? Cancer, Infertility, ADHD?”
The state has been aggressively moving forward on one to one technology plans, an iPad or tablet in every student’s hand. The amount of wireless radiation in this environment is unprecedented and has been likened to an extreme experiment on children.
According to research, health issues identified to wireless radiation emissions include: ADHD, autism, infertility, DNA damage to human sperm, childhood leukemia, neurological and cardiovascular problems, cognitive dysfunction, pain, fatigue, mood disorders, dizziness, nausea, weakness, and skin problems. Research also suggests damage to the female ovum. This is new information to most parents and the general public.
Over the past several months, a Fullerton California group has presented the known health issues numerous times to both Fullerton School District (K-8) and Fullerton Joint Union High School District school boards.
The boards have remained silent on the health concerns and continue to press on with the technology plans. The group is calling for an immediate moratorium on wireless classrooms until it can be proven that the radiation emitted is safe for the children. Until that time, the group is saying that wired technology must be used.
The Fullerton group for wired technology in schools can be reached via the “contact us” tab at http//

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