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Public Health is Not a Sport Doc. Don’t Play Games With Our Children’s Health.

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When learning of the issue of WiFi and wireless device health impacts, one of the first thoughts that often cross our minds is: “This can’t be possible that WiFi and these devices are harmful. Surely some governmental or health agency would have prevented this from happening.”

For many of us it just doesn’t make sense, because we assume that they couldn’t be that bad, otherwise “they” would have stopped it. One of the hardest things to realize is that many individuals, groups, and entities are actively blocking the public from learning about very serious health impacts affecting their communities from wireless technology.

 Why would people do this? Don’t they realize that they are hurting their own children? Parents are busy, and they can’t spend hours upon hours doing scientific research. They therefore tend to base their decision on information that they consider trustworthy. Perhaps they will go on the web and read an article or two, or they will visit the World Health Organization’s website and read up. Not surprisingly, the most common approach is to ask someone who has a medical background, namely a nurse or doctor. In seems that in every school in which parents bring forth the issue of WiFi and wireless device health risks, certain figures manage to appear who will do everything in their power to block the process, and will fight tooth and nail to insist that wireless technology stays, even if it means presenting distorted and or false information to their communities. Usually this is a tech-savvy school board member, a technological integration specialist, or someone whose motivation is borne of his infatuation with gadgets. Sometimes it’s a school board member who doesn’t want the children to be left behind. In Fullerton California, it’s a medical doctor named Dr. Roman Schulze. Schulze, rather than actively engage in the scientific evidence, has been actively “war gaming” the issue of WiFi health effects. We know now why – he is defending his PTA wife and friends, so that they may then in turn defend their fundraising and other efforts to bring iPads into Acacia Elementary School.

Dr. Schulze has two primary weapons that he uses in his war games.

The first is a list of “systematic reviews” that he found at “EMF and Health” , a pro-industry website financed and put together by Canadian electronics mogul Lorne Trottier, who went so far as to hire professors and scientists to further his agenda.

Dr. Schulze’s second, and most widely employed weapon is to use diversions to take the focus away from the substantial, compelling, if not irrefutable scientific evidence that shows RF radiation to be unsafe for children. Just look back through the threads at Fullerton Informer, and you will see his almost endless efforts to distract and divert. Again, this is a “sport” for him, according to his very own wife, Michelle Garden.

Distractions are one thing, but another thing completely is his use of the EMF and Health list of expert reviews. At first, this looks impressive enough (and that’s exactly why wireless industry executives devised it). Little do parents or other community members know how deeply manipulated and misleading it is. Unfortunately it probably fools most parents into thinking that WiFi is safe. Most aren’t experienced enough in the science to see the gaping flaws, and if they are being handed this information from a medical doctor, it would be natural for them to consider it trustworthy.

It’s not. There are so many holes in it so large that you could drive a truck through it.

I’ve been asked several times, what is the “smoking gun” of scientific research that proves wireless radiation to be unsafe. Often is this by moms who would like a way to explain the issue it to their pro-technology husbands.

The short answer is: There are several very large and well designed research projects that have found RF microwave radiation causes damage to DNA and other genetic material.

This is, by itself, very serious and compelling evidence, and enough to say no to placing wireless devices in the laps of children. There are some risks worth taking in life, but genetic mutation is not one of them. Not for a technological novelty. Never.

The first of these research programs was WTR, or the “Wireless Technology Research” project. A 7-year, $28 million dollar program of research conducted in the1990’s, and funded by the cell phone industry, this large scale project was a response to a high profile lawsuit, aired on Larry King Live, alleged cell phones caused the formation of a deadly brain tumor for a businessman.

As part of the WTR project, 200 scientists and medical doctors, under the direction of Dr. George Carlo, found that cell phone radiation caused DNA damage, leakage in the blood brain barrier, and a near tripling in the risk of brain tumors.

The second is ECOLOG, a multi-million dollar review of the state of the scientific research funded by T-Mobile in 2000. This review of over 220 peer-reviewed and published papers yielded strong indications that RF wireless radiation was genotoxic, and was able to cause single and double stranded DNA breaks and damage to chromosomes.

It also found substantial and compelling evidence that RF radiation disrupted other cellular processes, caused teratogenic effects (birth deformities), and caused loss of fertility in animal studies. Wireless radiation was also found to have cancer initiating and cancer promoting effects. Remember, this was from a study commissioned by T-Mobile, a mobile phone company.

The third of these large scale projects was “REFLEX” a $3 million, EU-funded research project conducted from 2000-2004 which studied the effects of wireless radiation on animal and human cells in the laboratory. Summarizing the work of 12 research groups in seven European countries, the end result was that high frequency microwave radiation causes genetic damage.

In summary, three large scale research projects from 1993-2004 that all found RF radiofrequency microwave radiation causes genetic damage. Subsequent research was released and continues to be published that confirms and expands these earlier findings.

The Bioinitiative Report 2012 now lists hundreds of studies that show EMR electromagnetic radiation to cause genetic effects. For those of you unfamiliar with the Bioinitiative Report, there is a reason it is so unpopular with the wireless industry. A group of experts from around the world, many of whom were at the top of their fields, worked together in order to lay out the evidence for the public to see.

Bioinitiative Report: Evidence for effects on Gene and Protein Expression

Bioinitiative Report: Evidence for Genotoxic Effects

So now back to Dr. Schulze’s document from EMF and Health, which collectively states that there is no credible evidence of harm from WiFi. Taking a closer look, let’s shine the light of the evidence from the above research on this document and see how it stands up.

One of the extractions is of The Swedish Radiation Authority 2008. It states:

“…two studies on genotoxicity report no increase in micronuclei or DNA strand breaks after RF exposure.”

Two studies. Does this sound like a comprehensive assessment of the science of genetic effects? What about the $28 million research project WTR, ECOLOG, or the $3 million REFLEX project, that reported genetic damage? No mention of these of course. This is industrial cherry picking at its finest.

This Swedish Radiation Authority excerpt suggests that two new studies (from pre 2008), somehow negate all the other studies before and after that report RF exposure causes DNA damage. That’s not how science works. Two studies do not “poof” make all the other evidence somehow disappear. EMF and Health, however, would like you to think that it does, and yet the unsuspecting parent would never know this.

Another example is: Radiofrequency Toolkit for Environmental Health Practioners, BC Center for Disease Control. Here’s what the folks at EMF and Health chose to highlight from this report:

“The report notes that “several recent international reports” such as “the UK Health Protection Agency (2012) and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (2012), among others, have published major reviews of RF and its potential effect on health; both agencies concluded that there is little evidence of adverse impacts on the health of the general population by RF”.”

It would appear from this excerpt that wireless technology was found to be safe, but this is far from the case, as the actual BC CDC document mentions numerous biological and health impacts.

Not mentioned in the Expert Review is that the BC CDC document states that “the epidemiological studies of men assessed for infertility were consistent in demonstrating decreased sperm motility associated with increased use of mobile phones” and “biological effects on sperm motility related to RF Exposure”.

Also left out is that the review panel noted that “oxidative stress seems one of the more plausible mechanisms of RF-induced sperm damage. Mechanisms by which oxidative stress is caused by increased ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) and decreased antioxidant have been shown to exist in neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.”

Here are several other excerpts from the BC CDC expert review that the folks at EMF and Health failed to share:

Page 75, Section 6B

“For the same emitted power, children and fetuses experience higher SAR.”

Page 62, Section 5

 “Whole body exposure at frequencies in the range of 80 to 180 MHZ and 1-4 GHZ to ICNIRP exposure levels may expose children and small persons (shorter than 1.3m) to above acceptable ICNIRP SAR levels.”

Page 138, Section 6B

“Mortality higher in RF-exposed groups than in control groups at SAR 0.5W/kg.”

Page 144-145, Section 6B

“Ferreira and colleagues exposed pregnant Wistar rats to 834 MHz RF signal for 8.5 hours from gestation to birth at SAR values of 0.55 – 1.23 W/kg or sham. At birth, the animals were sacrificed and an increased level of micronucleus formation was seen in the bone marrow of RF exposed versus sham—exposed animals.”

Page 260, Section 10

“The investigators found a dose-dependent response for all tested parameters including sperm motility and vitality. Decreased motility and increased levels of ROS were found in exposed specimens … a dose-response effect was found, it would seem there is biological and clinical relevance to their findings.”

Page 144, Section 6B

“On examination of brain tissue immediately after exposure, an increase in both single-  and double-strand DNA breaks were seen in the animals exposed to pulsed or continuous wave RF compared to sham-exposed rats.”

Page 157, Section 6B

“Research on effects on behaviour and cognition are mixed, with several studies showing that RF exposure has an adverse effect.”

Page 150, Section 6B

“Examination revealed increased permeation of albumin from capillaries into both white and grey brain matter in RF –exposed rats by comparison with sham-exposed animals, suggesting that exposure to pulsed RF fields at around 900 MHz increases permeability of the blood-brain barrier. They also observed an increase in “dark neurons,” indicators of neuronal damage in rat brains in animals exposed to RF fields.”

Page 165, Section 6B

 “The results of the two studies, while quite “soft,” suggest that more attention needs to be paid to very long-term effects of RF-EMF. Although it is impossible to suggest a biologic mechanism which might explain the findings, results of both studies described above suggest that lifelong exposure to RF fields may shorten lifespan, perhaps in conjunction with other factors, at least in animals.”

Page 257, Section 10

 “Mean sperm motility, viability and normal morphology showed significant adverse effects in the mobile phone user groups, both in men with normal and abnormal sperm counts. A dose-response relationship was found as the assessed semen parameters declined with increasing mobile phone use, independent of the quality of the original sample.”

Page 153 -154, Section 6B

“Analysis of tissue from the several parts of the brain, namely the prefrontal cortex, cerebellar cortex and dendate gyrus at three and 10 days post-exposure indicated elevated levels of GFAP, suggesting that the RF exposure was having a physiological effect, at least on astrocytic cells in the central nervous system.”

Page 152, Section 6B

“Sirav and Seyhan (2011) completed a similar study to their earlier investigation, again in Wistar albino rats, and once again found that the exposure to 900 or 1800 MHZ RF fields for 20 minutes promoted a  significant increase in albumin in the brains of male rats by comparison with sham-exposed animals.”

Page 154, Section 6B

 “Bas et al (2009) exposed Wistar rats to continuously modulated 900 MHz GSM signal (SAR 2.0 W/kg) or sham for one hour per day for 28 days and found a significant decrease in pyramidal cells in the brain of the exposed rats by comparison with sham-exposed animals. Pyramidal cells are thought to play an important role in cognitive functioning.”

Page 250, Section 10

“Unlike the mixed findings found in occupation health studies of radar EMF exposures, the epidemiological studies of men assessed for infertility ere consistent in demonstrating  decreased sperm motility associated with increased use of mobile phones. “

Page 259, Section 10

“Sperm motility and viability were negatively affected by exposure to RF.”

 Page 275, Summary, Section 10

“The balance of all evidence, animal and human, is consistent with the assertion that exposure of the testes to mobile phone RF may be associated with decreased sperm count, motility, concentration and altered morphology.”

Adverse Effects identified, Mechanisms of Harm suggested

Page 272, Section 10

“Overall, oxidative stress seems one of the more plausible mechanisms of RF-induced sperm damage. It has been found fairly consistently in human and animal studies on sperm specifically and on other cells in general. Mechanisms by which oxidative stress is caused by increased ROS and decreased antioxidant have been shown to exist in neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimers.”

Page 269-270, Section 10

“Non-enzyme antioxidants, like melatonin, have also been observed to decline after RF exposure 62-65 An additive effect may occur, with alternation not only of sperm cell enzymes but of whole body system antioxidants. Melatonin in particular is known to support antioxidant activity in sperm. 66 A number of recent studies have provided experimental evidence suggestive of an oxidative stress mechanism for the effect of RF on sperm.”

Page 270, Section 10

“It was determined that the ROS were sourced from the sperms’ mitochondria. At a SAR of 2.8 W/kg, the results became statistically significant for mitochondrially produced ROS. They noted specifically that rapid change occurred at low SAR exposures which reached a plateau when about 30% of sperm affected.”

Page 263, Section 10

“Most, although not all studies attempting to control temperature, convincingly ruled out a thermal effect.”

Page 273, Section 10

 “It is known that RF can induce currents in a cell membrane, and that this may alter the cation (positive ion) distribution (and so charge) in the normally negative membrane. Some evidence shows pulsed RF can dislodge calcium ions (Ca++) from a membrane, resulting in a weaker barrier and leakage, although there is no direct evidence on sperm membranes. However, studies do seem to point to efflux of Ca++ as a factor in altered sperm motility.”

Page 340, Section 13

“The most effective way to reduce total exposure to RF is to avoid the use of RF-emitting devices, especially devices that result in the highest personal exposures such as mobile phones used at the head.”

These biological and health effects are not what I would call safe. As a parent, of course I would want to know if wireless technology was shown to cause DNA damage, infertility, neurological and behavior changes, leakage of the blood brain barrier, and other radiation damage.

I believe that to omit these details is highly misleading if not fraudulent, and although Schulze has been warned of serious errors in this document since September of 2013, he continues to present it to the public, falsely stating that it provides evidence as to the safety of microwave radiation exposure onto their children.

Young children cannot look after themselves. They look to parents, teachers, principals, and other school administrators to make sure they are safe. They expect that medical experts will do their due diligence and protect them from environmental hazards. The last thing they expect is that a local medical doctor could be playing games with their children’s physical, mental and reproductive health.

This is what I believe is on the line folks. Look very carefully at this photo:


So what are the parents of the 15,000 children in The Fullerton School District to do with this information? I believe that you can all answer that question yourselves. They are your children ladies and gentlemen.

So what is Dr. Roman A. Schulze to do with all of this information? Good question. Let’s hear what  this IPad, WiFi, wireless radiation defending extraordinaire woman known as his wife, Michele Garden has to say:

“My husband, Roman Shulze, and I, Michele Garden, just plain ol’ don’t agree with your assertions. We, along with a majority of the parents, the Physics Dept. at CSUF, and a WHOLE LOTTA other scientists and citizens think that you are wrong. We are tired of the minority forcing their views on the majority”

This statement along with her latest email to the Fullerton Informer aside from being absolutely stunning, is a field day in the making for the advocates of free speech and our children’s health and well being. So once again, she tries to make it all about Joe Imbriano and my assertions?  Sorry Charlie or should I say Charlette, no cigar.

So what are all these people that she mentions to do with this information? Boy now that’s a tough one. She has certainly put the physics dept over at Cal State Fullerton in the basket now too. I guess they are in good company with the likes of of Robert Pletka, Robert Craven, Karen Whisnant, George Giokaris, Jennifer Williams, Greg Dhuyvetter from the Diocese of Orange, both the entire FSD and FJUHSD school boards, and the host of all of the other teachers, principals, and administrators who flat out continue to IGNORE these health concerns we continue to present on this issue who are just rolling this ball right along and REFUSE TO TURN THESE EMISSIONS SYSTEMS OFF and continue to forcibly irradiate the children.

This issue is a big deal ladies and gentlemen, a big big deal. In my humble opinion, there is no larger threat to humanity than this issue.  You can choose to ignore it or you can choose to face it head on.

Remember these things? Like wireless today, advertisements for this so called “necessity” once blanketed the  television and radio airwaves, billboards, movies,  magazines, and sporting events for decades. They used to be in almost every home, car, plane, train, bus, restaurant, school, hospital, park, mall, airport, backyard, porch, movie theater and everywhere else humans went? Sound familiar? 

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  Remember who told us it was safe? 

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Acacia PTA, Fullerton parents and the rest of  you parents around the world that read this, will we ever learn?  Will you still listen when they say “trust me, I’m a doctah”  Remember these are our children, that they depend on us for protection and the future depends on them being protected. There will be no future if their reproductive future has been stolen from them. It is foolish to trust people you don’t know, in places so high and far away that you will never meet, about a danger that most people do not understand, that most people would never suspect, with what you and I and the rest of humanity has taken for granted for the last 6,000 years: our and our children’s reproductive capabilities.  So many today pharmaceutically and prophylactically attempt control or thwart it. No one that I know, however, is ready to willingly relinquish it, much less surrender that of their children. Do not kid yourself folks. There are those in the highest positions of power that are hell bent on doing just that.  It is flat out dangerous to think that the technology has not yet arrived to carry out the most insidious of agendas.

I think it is flat out shameful, to be a parent and to willingly ignore all of this because I believe if you do just that, it spells the beginning of the end of the line for what you and I once were:

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 Could this spell the end of what our kids will someday assume they were entitled to as a God given right?  Will they ask us why we didn’t fight for it and for them? What then will you tell them my friends, what will you look them in the eyes and tell them?  

In closing, I would like to state that I believe that of all the sins in the world, that cowardice is by far the worst of them all. It is because of this one that all the rest are allowed to flourish, spread and run their destructive course driving humanity right off the cliff into an abyss. Look at what is happening to our children’s minds with the music, TV, movies, video games and yes even some of the curriculum in the schools. The war for their souls being patently obvious, is already well underway. Right now ladies and gentlemen, this whole kit and kaboodle is on the line and hidden in plain view for all to see. Now is not the time to treat the debate over your children’s physical and reproductive health as some sort of a sport, much less trust anyone who I believe has been publicly identified as one who I believe appears to enjoy doing just that. Thank you.



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