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The psychology of Dr. Phil and the microwaving of your children

Go to 18:50 and watch for the next 2 minutes.

Pay close attention to this shrink hack dressed in black as he points his fat finger at and lectures Letterman about how the wireless sterilization program must go on. Watch how this phony ignores the microwave radiation health risks to children question and immediately diverts so the bosses don’t cut his umbilical cord or his access to the boob tube controllers teat either.

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There is that finger again


Dr Phil also owns and runs the Doctors show that dispenses all kinds of misguided advice that is geared to keeping the agendas on track and on schedule. You know the kind like forced vaccinations, forced wireless exposure and the continued wholesale pharmacological lobotomizing of the the public.

Dr Phil is also really cozy with some big wireless telecoms as well.

Now look at what was posted online after the show on Letterman’s site and notice how this exchange about reproductive harm from wireless and iPads is removed from the video. See for yourself what is now missing on the corporate site. Please go to 4:10 and watch the editing. Sickos in the media. Letterman went somewhere he was not supposed to go.

go to 4:10 and watch the editing.

So why is this fraud Dr Phil telling Letterman in his photo from Letterman’s Facebook page “If we stick to our stories, they will never know the truth” ? What the heck is going on here? Is this guy a circus clown operative who is slithering into very home and becoming the authority on child rearing, discipline, and then defers to his other show to direct you all onto big pharma’s petrochemical flypaper? Is it all psychology ladies and gentlemen and is it all hidden in plain view?


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right in your face but trust me cuz ima docktah


unnamed (6)


unnamed (14)

Forced wireless exposure is no laughing matter folks.


You be the judge folks. You tell me who is really running the show .

This is what I believe is going on right here:

These media circus clowns are gonna hold you and all of your children in derision as long as you are all stupid enough to pay 200 a month for them to pipe this crap into your homes and stare into the idiot box’s blue glow every night while the end of your lineage is at hand with wireless exposure to your children forced on them by the schools and even their very own parents.

It is all out in the open and believe me folks it is no laughing matter. These people mean business. May God help us.  










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