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“Not fit to walk the earth…. Anyone who puts wifi into a school should be locked up for the rest of their life… ” BARRY TROWER

My personal opinion of this tragic situation is a far more dire outcome as I believe the goal of the wireless proliferation is to destroy human fertility. It is an agenda for sure. For all of you that are involved in ensuring this agenda expands exponentially in perpetuity, I question how you sleep at night. I also question if the luminosity of your souls has dropped below 400 nanometers already.The only thing that will remain debatable is just how horrific the outcome of all of this forced exposure to our children will be.

The following are the words and opinions of British physicist Barry Trower.

“They’re not fit to walk on this planet; because they haven’t looked at the research and, whatever incentive they have, it is not worth the genetic problems that parents are going to face with their children if or when they’re born. If you think of… a mother who has a genetically deformed child, that particular mother will feel guilty… She will be worried every single second of every single day of her life.  She will worry that the child won’t marry. If the child can marry, she’ll worry that the children will carry the disease, which they will. She will worry when she dies who will take care of them. So you are condemning both the family and the children to a lifetime of absolute hell.”  Barry Trower
By the time he had finished his service in the military, physicist Barrie Trower had acquired a great deal of expertise in the microwave field and he extended his research to common electronic systems, including cell phones, iPods, computer games and microwave ovens.
He was appalled to discover that microwave radiation is ubiquitous and extremely hazardous, especially to pregnant women and young children.  The risks are so great that the use of WiFi, which is enormously popular, can lead to permanent genetic damage to your children and your children’s children. Here is his personal warning in his own words:
“In the very early 1960’s I trained with the government microwave warfare establishment. I looked at all aspects of microwave warfare and when I finished my time in the military, because I had a lot of expertise in the microwave field, I was asked if I would carry on with this research. We are in a new Cold War and this is why countries are developing this. And this is why all the microwave transmitters are going up everywhere because somebody, if they wanted to, could use them for other effects. The system is up and running.
Years ago our government said to our scientists when it comes to microwaves you will only talk about things to do with heat, and that is it. So they won’t even discuss anything else. They will deny anything that doesn’t have anything to do with heat. They even deny all their 40 years of research leading up to this, although they’ve said that this can cause cancer and all the damage, they say no it can’t. We’re only looking at heat and heat is all that matters. So for the last 40 years the English government has been lying to the people. And the American, the Canadian, the Australian, they have been lying. They have been lying to protect industry, to protect their profits, to protect themselves from lawsuits.
So they are really just liars and it is provable, sanctioned by the World Health Organization, without a shadow of a doubt. It is the same people that sit on the ICNAP certificate, sit on our government health protection agencies, sit on the World Health Organization . . . . it is the same people. There are probably no more than 20 of them. But, yes, they are going to, in my opinion, commit the worst genocide this planet has ever known, not just people, but animals and plants. They are probably going to cause more destruction than a global war, and in several hundred years time, people will look back, whoever survives, and look at what we tried to do to stop them.”

Wi-Fi, microwaves and the consequences for our health

Those most powerfully affected are pregnant women, children, women generally, the elderly, men and (least of all) the physically fit. Some persons appear to be invulnerable to exposure, but a significant percentage–from 47.7% to 57.7%–appear to be especially vulnerable, even from most of us might have regarded as low doses that represent minimal risk. The situation, however, turns out to be quite the opposite.
The human female is born with 400,000 follicles of which approximately 400 will eventually mature into eggs with the potential to be fertilized by sperm to produce a zygote, which will develop into an embryo and then into a fetus and, under favorable conditions, will result in a live birth. During the first 4-6 weeks of a woman’s pregnancy, the embryo is most vulnerable, especially because the woman may be unaware that she is pregnant and take no precautions.

Simple Explanation

Harm from Wi-Fi exposure

As Trower has explained, because the brain tissue and bone marrow of children have different electrical conductivity properties than do adults, a child’s absorption of microwave radiation can be ten times higher than an adult’s. Even low frequency exposure to microwave radiation can be extremely damaging and induce oxidative and nitrosative forms of stress, which can cause irreversible mitochondrial (genetic) damage that will be manifest in miscarriages, stillborns and birth defects.
Risks from WiFi exposure
The effects are cumulative across generations, where studies by the World Health Organization have established that women exposed to low level dosage of microwave irradiation (below thermal level, where it is felt as heat) had a 47.7% rate of miscarriages prior to the 7th week of gestation. The level of exposure in this case was five microwatts per centimeter squared, which is below what most school girls will receive in a classroom of wi-fi transmitters from the age of approximately five years upward, whose effects can include cancer, memory loss and birth defects.

Why the situation is so desperate

Mitochondrial DNA is ten times more susceptible to oxidative and nitrosative “stress” than the DNA of the cell nucleus. But these effects are transmitted to each successive female generation and, whether these ten-fold increases merge to become 57.7% or are additional and thus equal to 67.7% does not make a significant difference. The consequence is to roughly halve the birth of normal children with each generation, which represents a catastrophe-in-the-making for the species.
During our interview, I explained to Barrie that I thought the prospects for remedying this situation are bleak because (1) the American public is scientifically illiterate, (2) we love the convenience of cell phones, iPods and other electronic devices and (3) the corporations that produce them are going to do everything in their power to maintain their profit margins. I therefore encourage everyone to consider his appeal for the help of the American public by sharing this study (from which I have quoted here):
Barrie Trower's appeal for help
Not the least disconcerting aspect of this situation is that, not only was all of this known and documented long before wi-fi was ever put in front of children, but the dangerous biological effects were concealed (as they are to this day) from the general public, in order to protect the industry’s profits:
The World Health Organization’s ‘International Symposium’ Research Agreement No. 05- 609-04 ‘Biological Effects and Health Hazards of Microwave Radiation’ emphasizes in its 350 pages: Biological effects, health and excess mortality from artificial irradiation of Radio Frequency Microwaves. Section 28 deals with problems concerning Reproductive Function.
This document was classed as ‘Top Secret’ and its contents withheld by WHO and ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection).
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Preview YouTube video Wifi, Microwaves and the Consequences to our Health – Barrie Trower

Wifi, Microwaves and the Consequences to our Health – Barrie Trower

Preview YouTube video Open Your Mind (OYM) Radio – Barrie Trower – 1st September 2013

Open Your Mind (OYM) Radio – Barrie Trower – 1st September 2013

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Endangering the Herd


This story came to me from one of my trusted advisors late last night.  The case for suing parents who don’t vaccinate their kids—or criminally charging them.  Never you mind that the vaccine manufacturers cannot be sued if their product kills or injures your child.  Oh yes, the Feds have a program to take care of you alright, but with Big Pharma stacking the deck with all of their bought and paid for scientists and their black robe buddies we get the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Yes, it is a one way street with speed bumps for the parents and a five lane highway for Big Pharma. You guessed it. Only those that have spent at least a decade or longer under the influence of Big Pharma’s priesthood can tell us what is true and what is not.  No one dares to listen to anyone else.  If you are not a scientist or unless you are sporting a few funny letters after your last name, you are a crackpot like me.  They will just ignore you. Well, the push back has begun and the bioethicists,  the eugenicists and the drug pushers are getting scared.  You know they are worried when they take it to the airwaves and jam it down our throats on the Twonky.

Boy, do we have a tale of two cities set right before our very eyes with truly amazing times indeed on the idiot box with anti vaccine Jenny McCarthy set to hit The View on 9-9 as a sort of keep your eye off the wireless/autism connection  red herring.  On the other side of the aisle, we have the Law and Order hit piece, and good old Barry Boy picking  up the rear on the saw dust trail with the push to vaccinate everyone with his free for all health plan.  It really ties in rather nicely to what we are dealing with in terms of implied consent, informed consent and the potential dangers of  the wireless radiation exposure to our children in the classrooms and the real enforcement arm of the convergence of these agendas: The Public School System and its soon to be two dimensional list verifying learning system.

So this begs the question. Who is really endangering who? What is really being endangered? Is it public health, our children’s reproductive capabilities, critical thinking, or more?  With eyes wide shut, with their color of law mandates, and their rank and file robots, what is really endangering the “herd”?  I will attempt to address it below. Let us begin with the following questions:

35 shots by age 6?

So if these injections really work then what’s with the push?

What on earth is really in those things?

Aren’t these diseases rarely fatal in healthy properly nourished human beings including children?


There is the catch phrase: healthy human beings. By design that euphemism to describe us and our children has become something of an urban legend. Think I am kidding? Look around, I mean really don’t kid yourself and look around.

You know when pathogens forcibly enter the body by-passing the natural defenses such as the multiple layers of epidermis,  salivary and friendly bacterial attack in the mouth, lodging in the nostrils and being sneezed out, being coughed out or vomitted out, instead heading straight for the bloodstream by being injected deep and directly into our bloodstream through a syringe with an adjuvant hitch hiking along with nano tech compounds and modified trans species genetic materials, toxic chemicals and preservatives that even according to Darwin himself would never find their way inside us, it ends up kind of like a Steely Dan song or a even a bad concert with the exits blocked.  Sanitation, running water, nutrition, heating, improved air quality and access to nutritious foods all have nothing to do with ending diseases, only the vaccines have saved humanity.

Here we go, take a deep breath- it’s a run on.

Before I can even begin to answer that and before I can even consider rolling up my children’s sleeves to the white coats, and before the black robes even get involved, I just realized that you need to know that they really keep us all in the dark by design, literally telling us to stay out of the evil dangerous sun, slathering toxic sunscreen all over the largest organ in our bodies that absorbs 90% of what we put on it-the skin, with UV blocking contact lenses and sunglasses blocking the most efficient Vitamin D manufacturing process in the universe, while they feed the youngest of the  herd (your newborn children) coffee creamer, talcum powder synthetic vitamin beverages that they call infant formula in place of mother’s milk, for the adult members of the herd (you and I) bone and tooth dissolving aspartame, acesulfame potassium, sucralose laced beverages along side the trichinosis laden, drugged, GMO corn-fed swine sausages for breakfast, GMO corn-fed, antibiotic laden, hemorrhagic e-coli hamburgers for lunch with the dimethyl polysiloxane soaked fries, franken-fruits and vegetables fertilized with sewage sludge,toxic liquids whose farm tanks on standby have skull and crossbones on them, nerve agent pesticides misted from the air with the atrazene dusters, dumped into the soil with soakers, all the while they have us growing inedible plants spraying roundup all over our now rendered toxically useless yards, mercury laden high fructose corn syrup for dessert, SRI’s for the misdiagnosed hypoglycemics, pig insulin for those that have abandoned the consumption of a broad spectrum of sugars for the high fructose diet option, 5-FU for the nitriloside deficient dependents, synthetic vitamins to keep the imbalance going from the industrial waste, trace pharmaceutical laden municipal water supply laced with a myriad of toxic compounds they pawn off on us as disinfectants, trans fat delectables from the drive-thru for dinner, HCL blockers that send undigested food south on us,  highly addictive opiate liver eating pain killers for our pleasure, a steady diet of PDE5 inhibitors coupled with satanic, violent pornographic movies and cartoons with accelerant and pesticide laden wines, bone dissolving belly busting beer, age accelerating ales, and dark, wild, witches brewed hard liquor exotic spirits for the nightcap, petrochemical pharmaceutical grade sleep aids for the WiFi, wireless microwave nightstand cordless phone base station, router emitting to the laptop or tablet between the legs wireless radiation exposure induced sleep depriving out of whack melatonin levels and they want to make sure they don’t miss a beat with the bioethicists eugenics fantasy hots for our blood stream by freaking out everyone by going after their wallet and pumping our kids full of who knows what all in the name of public health? Whew!  Deep breath-there, I said it.

Well why not? Apparently we already are pumping our kids and ourselves full of who knows what but there is one difference folks. This is all by your choice. It is a free country, or is it?

Well I guess in light of how the masters believe that the herd cannot maintain its health on its own given the poor choices that it is directed to make by Madison Avenue, Big Brother’s inverted food pyramid, at the behest of the trusted medical establishment hacks, irrespective of the massive leaps forward in sanitation and the miraculous logistics of food distribution with healthy food choices literally staring us in the face wrapping themselves around the entire perimeter of these glorified liquor stores called supermarkets whose center aisles contain all the poisons, it is no wonder that we must take the injections.


They say that we must inject and comply. I say that we dare not and refuse to ignore this miraculous creation by Almighty God, the human body. It is the most complete, efficient, incredible machine in the universe sporting  its 75,000 miles of circulatory system, its own thermostat, water and fuel pump, defense department, and super computer between the ears that on any given day, only uses about 3% of its capacity. I say we listen to it, take care of it, trust it, trust The One who put it together, follow His instruction manual and tap the other 97% of the available hard drive when needed. I never put soybean oil in my car’s gas tank. Why do we allow the control freaks in public health, medicine,  academia, and the media to convince us to do the equivalent to our bodies with all of the aforementioned?

Allopathic medicine has its place folks. Don’t get me wrong. It just doesn’t have its place EVERYWHERE, it should not have a monopoly on the system of care and it should not be preeminent. These folks in the embossed white coats that think they know it all couldn’t create a blade of grass in a lab from scratch if their lives depended on it. They don’t have all of the answers and most of the ones that they do have are wrong anyway.

Can we please step back and start with at least a water filter, open the windows, ride a bike, and plant some fruit trees or a garden? Why can’t we have good clean water, fresh air, good clean real food,sunlight, a clean bloodstream, and an uncompromised immune system?

Well of course we can, but it is your choice, but not according to the experts. We are a HERD, mind you-their herd or so they delusionally think. Herds cannot think for themselves and cannot take care of themselves. Herds must be fed, subdued, curtailed, corralled, controlled eventually always culled. So the masters feed us their toxic fake food, subdue us with their 24/7 fear mongering, kinky 300 channel idiot box circus, curtail us by endowing extreme powers to criminalize the most menial aberrations in human behavior, empower the myopic control freaks with an educational caste system,  control us with petrochemical poisons in the food water and mentally disorienting microwave emissions in the air, and culled, yes culled by in my opinion, what can only be described as the largest radiation experiment on children that the world has ever known and the potential effects on fertility coupled with the inoculation programs that work lockstep in leaving no stone un-turned.

Is there any room in this run on sentence filled rant to tie in to Pletka and company’s hiding this form  from the parents by not including it in the enrollment packets?

no_shots copy


How about their radiation experiment on the Fullerton School District’s children all the way down to the 5 year olds that just spilled over into  the infant care centers, preschools, and before and after school day care facilities as a direct result of Pletka’s wireless classroom edicts that are being slickly packaged and peddled to the unsuspecting parents?  Yes there is.  I just don’t know if it is the frozen middle layer or the microwaved icing on this hellish cake but I do know that this is what they plan to jam down our throats and call progress and a necessity. I don’t care if this wireless stuff is being put in everywhere. If everyone started jumping off of the Brooklyn Bridge, does that mean we all should too? This whole thing is garnished and served up on a platter with two aspirin to all of the unsuspecting masses who daily suffer from a TV, technology, sports, sugar, shopping, alcohol or the I am so smart, bitchin, and full of myself academia condesenscion hangover. Look folks, this crap won’t go down easy if you are awake, on your game and on your toes.  We aim to help you get back into and back on yours if you can remember where you left off and where they are.

As far as answering those two questions from the start of the article:

35 shots by age 6? Why the push?  What on earth is really in those things? Why are they jamming all of this wireless technology down our throats?  What if this push to inject and irradiate us and our children was really part of a clandestine program to adversely impact ours and our children’s cognitive function, physical health and fertility? By the looks of what they are doing to everyone right now with the food, water, media and medicine, nothing really surprises me anymore. They just print the money, give us cheap toxic imitation food, endless mindless entertainment, our kids hellish cartoons, demonic blood thirst highly addictive digital crack video games,  debaucherous role models with half naked women everywhere, put everyone on pills, dope and booze all in order to physically and emotionally wear us down, morally compromise us, and make everyone act like animals so someday, THEY CAN TREAT US LIKE ANIMALS.  I believe that there is a tiny, powerful segment of the population whose worldview is diametrically opposed to that of the unsuspecting simple people like you and I that just want to be left alone and raise our families. Yeah yeah call me a conspiracy theorist and I will call those that forcibly inject, drug and irradiate our children eugenicists.

I beleive that they operate in stealth fashion under the premise that most people believe that such a plan is just a conspiracy theory. Sounds like the perfect crime to me. So in the meantime,  I can only wildly speculate and nothing remotely positive comes to mind. We are not in the dark ages, with raw sewage in the streets and rats and disease running rampant. We are not faced with the plagues, just public health color of law mandates connected to syringes. Why? Simply look around for what is running rampant, that is the obvious unprecedented decline in public health, most alarmingly, our children’s.  It is certainly headed that way as the same people on the boards of these food companies that are screwing everyone up are also sitting on boards of the tobacco and drug companies finishing off the job. Remember the third leading cause of death in this country is MD directed treatment. The first two leading causes are all indirectly caused by the affiliates of the third.  Ah yes from the cradle to the grave, the injection love fest begins in the warmer and ends with embalmer’s.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are on the verge of forced vaccination and forced irradiation. What you are witnessing is full circle command and control, all exits covered, body, soul, mind and spirit or so the masters think. Not so fast. We still have and I still love that two letter word that still works wonders, moves mountains and can sometimes spare us from enduring the most unconscionable circumstances-The Word-NO.  Mixed with common sense we must implore for Almighty God to help us to use it wisely and courageously as needed especially when it comes to our children. Look yours in the eyes tonight and remember to trust no one and question everything. These are perilous times ladies and gentlemen.



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