Dr George Carlo: The Wireless Industry is Committing Scientific Fraud


Ray Grasse’s article on “Wheels of Change” in the Oct./Nov. issue of Mountain Astrologer notes that the decade following 9/11 witnessed a restructuring of the US economy. The US military was also re-structured to establish smaller military bases in more locations. The US forced other nations to increase radiofrequency exposure limits to accommodate US radar, surveillance, and weaponry.

The “Five Eyes” nations of the military-industrial complex, including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, assume that the only action that causes harm from radiofrequency is heating, while 40% of the world’s populations is protected by RF limits that recognize adverse impacts below the thermal threshold, including breakdown of the blood-brain-barrier and double DNA breaks.

Americans have been sold a bill of goods that wireless technology is the wave of the future, as well as the way to address climate change. The installation of wireless smart utility meters, industrial-scale Wi-Fi in schools, and the cultivated demand for faster and more powerful cellphones and wireless devices requiring more towers and antennas are stimulating the wireless economy and health care sector, while destroying the health of the ecosystem. The industry is employing the same strategies as the tobacco industry by corrupting the science, but instead of hiring marketers to convince consumers to buy a toxic product, it is more efficient to convince a small group of governors and legislators to pass mandates and laws while manipulating the core values of the populace who believe that buying a compact fluorescent light bulb is sustainable.

“Robert Hand’s article on the Precession of the Capricorn Solstice looks to 2017 as a critical time. When the World Health Organization meets again to review the epidemiology regarding RF the classification will not be “possible human carcinogen”; it will be definite carcinogen. The data will not come from Austria, Switzerland, China, Italy, Russia, or other nations with limits RF hundreds of times lower than those set by the US military for the purposes of war and exported widely.The data will be generated by cancer rates for women and children in the US. If environmentalists cleaning up the legacy of toxic chemicals and fossil fuels do not awaken to the damages unfolding from the unexamined and unmonitored commoditization of the electromagnetic spectrum, time is running out for the US.” —-Patricia Burke
Millis MA

unnamed-1-297x300Folks, the fact is that you are destroying your children and all for what?

33984_479084712158056_1011868072_n-1-300x2251 So you can keep your stupid new car, your jobs taking part in all of this, your careers that you have exchanged for your lineage, your phony friends that will turn on you on a dime, your nail appointments and soap opera time, your drinking buddies, your fleeting thinly veneered high school reputations that mean nothing, your bush league political connections, or for your disneyland denial bubble that you refuse to realize that it is going to pop.

ipad-in-palm-beach-300x199For your kids, it all starts with your complicity when you dump them off at school where they spend the entire day jammed in a room with 35 cell phone emission equivalents known as iPads (infertility pads) humming away all day everyday and irradiating away exposing their brains, hearts and reproductive organs and then at home to do their homework. Then they will be up at all hours of the night once they get addicted to the video games just so you can prepare them for jobs that don’t exist and so you can watch the stupid ball game or your vampire porn on the idiot box. download (14) images (49)

Yes first stop the optometrist from too much blue glow flicker rate manipulated screen time, then the orthodontist from the microwave exposure induced melatonin disruption yielding insomnia, screentime addiction induced sunlight deprivation induced vitamin D deficiency, poor eating habits yielding poor nutrition, and microwave exposure altered gene expression.

unnamed (5)then the the reproductive endocrinologist from the intentionally designed microwave induced ovary damage from the loving

images-20satanic apple computer company, Apple Headquarters  #3larger cupertino #2unnamed (5)666

then the oncologist and finally the embalmer when the chemo finally kills them at age 35. All for an iPad and a seat at the PTA meeting. Folks the future does not involve your children having children, living a full life or ever having the ability to think critically and realize what is being done to them with your blessing. 530b9430ef2d794e7600098e_Artemis_Logo_On_Black-e1413594731313 (1)images-8 (2)

That is of course unless you have the courage and wisdom to rescue them and stop this holocaust. The agenda is real, and it is right out in the open. What have they done to all of our children? images (50)


images (51)images (52)


What have they done to all of you dads?


download (16)download (15)

How do you sit back and let them destroy your children?

Ladies what has become of you as you sit back and take part in this?




May God help us, folks, may God help us.

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