Dr. Leif Salford on WiFi and wireless: how microwave emissions affect the blood brain barrier.


Are your children the canaries in the coal mine, or rats in a cage with 35 kids in a classroom being forcibly exposed to pulse modulated microwave radiation levels that are trillions of times the normal background levels from multiple industrial strength wireless access points with wireless devices in their laps all day 5 days a week 180 days a year for decades? You can shut the wireless off at home but not at school. Robert Pletka refuses to turn off the wireless systems.

I would listen to this neurosurgeon who has been in practice since 1967 long before any education doctor like the Fullerton School District superintendent Dr. Robert Pletka.


who states that the wireless classrooms are “… totally safe for the children..”


It is a no brainer folks. The stuff needs to be turned OFF and taken out of the laps and hands of our children before it is too late.

images (14)

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Obama’s Connect Ed program, and Wheeler’s FCC are directly involved in what amounts to forcibly irradiating your children at school. This is a non-optional situation for your kids.



“John Krull, the information technology officer for the Oakland public school system, said the need for Wi-Fi upgrades cannot wait another year. “We pretty much need an access point in every classroom,” Mr. Krull said. “Just having a few access points spread around the school doesn’t cut it.”  


I guess he hasn’t read this:


I would add that once these access points end up being deployed on the ceilings, their pulse modulated microwave emission equivalents-the wireless tablets and laptops-end up being deployed in their laps with, in this case, the antenna resting right on his zipper.




They will also be deployed near their heads,

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or even at home deployed right next to their siblings developing brains.

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May God help us ladies and gentlemen, may God help us.

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