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The most recent Fullerton Observer hit the stands the other day. I have to give credit to the crew over there as The Observer is the only paper that will touch this wireless classroom issue with a ten foot pole and that is truly commendable. You know there is a lot going on in this town that would qualify under the term of “inconvenient truth”. The fact is, no one cares to deal with inconvenient truths. Sadly, when those two words end up in the same sentence, it’s lights out meatball for logic and hello Dolly for cognitive dissonance.

So how does one deal with these when confronted with something inconvenient? Well, prudent avoidance is extremely effective if no one else is looking. Denial is always an option unless the word is getting out and it is ending up in your face. Spin can be successful if your audience has a very myopic perspective and a limited memory. For the more sophisticated at heart and late in the game, you can call good old subterfuge  to the rescue.

A few weeks ago, a Fullerton resident, and mother along with her 87 year old mother were passing out fliers to the parents of children as they were dropping their kids off over at Acacia Elementary.


As parents with a conscience and some critical thinking skills that have not been impaired by halide toxicity, they were legally attempting to warn parents of a potential imminent threat to the safety of school children. FSD staff, brass and board are no stranger to this information as they have been ignoring it long enough to birth a child. So these ladies, being freedom loving Americans that happen to take the “love your neighbor” scripture literally instead of allegorically, were freely and peacefully exercising their first amendment rights out on that sidewalk passing out fliers. These flyers were not printed on yellow paper being dropped out of an aircraft, rather they were clearly written warnings citing groups like the American Academy of Pediatrics, and some Harvard trained pediatric neurologist with links to thousands of scientific studies that warn against what Karen Whisnant and Robert Pletka with the tacit approval of the silent school board is doing to the Acacia kids with their wireless radiation experiment in the classrooms. http://thefullertoninformer.com/is-this-your-child/, You get the picture.

So at the drive thru, the kids can hold the pickles and hold the lettuce but  in the classrooms special orders do upset us. No wireless, no education at Acacia. That was the final from Brother Bob some time ago. So rather than crawl under a rock inside a Faraday cage with my kids, I had some of my colleagues filming these wonderful ladies do what they felt inclined to do, that is warn the parents that sending their children into that environment maybe isn’t such a good idea.  I will tell you what is not a good idea, and that is stepping on the egos of those who have dug their heels in on this issue all the way to China because Karen Whisnant who personally refused this information at least twice called the police on this law abiding, valiant 87 year old grandmother who puts all of these servile, spineless lackeys to shame.

So now enter Jim James from Fullerton who wrote into the Observer in response to my letter to all involved in this potentially unmitigated public health disaster in the making. You can read what I believe to be his subterfuge piece missing the boat right here on page 2 :http://www.fullertonobserver.com/

Yeah he says it costs a quarter for gas to have two Crown Victoria police interceptors show up to shake down an 87 year old grandmother passing out fliers. With super at 4 bucks a gallon, the lead foots down Commonwealth to Acacia and North to Dorothy, he is probably off by a few bucks. Sure the salaries are paid regardless of whether they are shaking down an 87 year old grandmother, murdering a homeless man or simply arresting a drunk driver. My point was the school called the police on a law abiding citizen exercising her first amendment rights on a public sidewalk. It was done simply to intimidate and to embarrass people that were not in agreement with her forced irradiation classroom model. Jim James you spin it well. You introduce terms like missing persons, 25 cents, sick and tired, community and donut shop.

Jim James, what is your dog in this fight? Is it the health of these school children? Is it your ardent support of free speech?  Is it your concern over the fatally flawed business model of the FSD with their purchasing of all these contraptions that if you add the letters c and e after the letter a to that word, you just might get a glimpse of the permanent version of what the social engineers have in store for the unsuspecting? Do tell. What prompted to you to write this letter?

Subterfuge defined. Plain and simple.

Kids’ health is on the line, you talk about 25 cents worth of gas.

Police from one of the most notorious departments in America are called on an 87 year old grandmother and you talk about being sick and tired.

The First Amendment was being attacked and you talk about a donut shop.

The school district officials ignore this information for almost a year and you talk about someone doing their JOB.

No, not one mention of the kids, the thousands of scientific studies that warn against the wireless classroom experiment, the fact that someone could have gone to jail or even beaten to death for doing nothing, and no mention of one government entity (the school district) throwing its weight around to intimidate the law abiding taxpayers.

No, once again, not one mention of the possible health dangers to our children as a result of this potentially unmitigated public health disaster in the making, just a reference to chump change.

When you are dealing with lackeys in lockstep formation from the fields of education and academia along with those in industries like telecom and defense, and the servile, sold out in the cubicles, what else would you expect? Face this issue head on? It is a nightmare. Try being one of those 14,o00 children in the FSD as the backs of the grown ups are turning on them. Yes, they are going to have microwave transmitters in their laps for the rest of their lives.33984_479084712158056_1011868072_n-1-300x225

With the vampires running the blood bank at The FCC, with the FSD and the FJUHSD boards appearing to be asleep at the switch and with Pletka’s and Giokaris’s feet on the gas, one has to wonder in light of all the science on both sides of this issue, what is this all going to do to the children? Chronic, long term pulse modulated wireless microwave radiation exposure trillions of times the normal background levels in direct proximity to the sensitive developing reproductive areas of children has never been studied. What has been known for decades is that microwaves are dangerous even at what is commonly referred to as  “low power”.  7 years ago the German’s warned us:


40 years ago the Navy told us:


A year ago the experts warned us:


HERE ARE  ONE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED AND NINETY SIX  Reference Links to Peer-Reviewed Studies re RF Microwave Radiation

Parents for Safe Schools 2013 Collection of Studies, Videos and News Releases

Just like Roman Schulze’s wife Michele Garden was “sick and tired” of the flyers on the windshields over at Acacia ending up in the gutter because she made herself the self appointed street sweeper, another one decides to jump in the” irradiate the children and attack the first amendment” basket.  Jim James is sick and tired alright. Jan Weiner chimed in from over at CSUF a few weeks ago on the wireless issue on the heels of Dr. Roman Schulze’s presentation to the Glendale Unified’s board convincing them to green light  the WiFi party in our northern Agenda 21 neighbors’ classrooms. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any stranger-

Jim James serves it up straight on the rocks and spoon feeds us pure subterfuge. Yes it is all just subterfuge. Jim James has spoken indeed.

We too will continue to speak up for these kids while Jimmy Boy, you can keep the chump change. The largest radiation experiment on children that the world has ever known is well underway. It needs to come to an end. To all of you who know better, please don’t turn your backs on those who already have the deck stacked to the hilt against them. Silence in this case, I believe, is complicity of the worst kind. 

Jim, we will never get sick and tired of people like you getting sick and tired because when people like the aforementioned get sick and tired, that just means that we are becoming more effective. We cannot ever afford to get sick and tired of having the backs of  these kids. Not getting sick and tired is gonna make all the difference in the world to them someday whether you are sick and tired or not.





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