Launching of the District’s 1:1 Visible Irradiaton Program (VIP)

On March 5th, 2013, we launched this website to end the largest forced irradiation of children that the world has ever known. Millions and millions and millions of hits spanning the globe and all levels of the power structure on the planet indicate that we have struck a nerve. What do we get for our birthday?


Launching of the District’s 1:1 Visible Irradiaton Program (VIP)

Inspiring learners to leverage the arts and innovative technology to create, collaborate, communicate, critically think, and contribute as part of a global community.

Requiring parents to expose their learners while leveraging their own tax money for potentially dangerous wireless technology. What will it create? With whom will the data collaborate and communicate? common core privacy concerns. Will they really critically think as their screen time takes hold instead of them contributing to their local community. Global citizens huh? You don’t say.


Happy Birthday to the Fullerton Informer which began on March 5, 2013,  our mission where we are trying to save every student in the FSD from being provided with an microwave transmitter headed straight for their laps and a router hanging over their heads. Pletka demands that iPads which have NO ETHERNET ports be utilized-excerpt from letter dated 10-3-13 

“Since the use of iPads already occurs during about 90 percent of classroom time at the fifth grade level, your request to remove ________ from class anytime iPads are in use would be educationally detrimental to him and is respectfully denied.” Robert Pletka.

—–Yeah never you mind that 20,000 microwatts of pulse modulated wireless microwave radiation trillions of times the normal background levels in my children’s laps could have been reproductively detrimental to them. Well fortunately they are no longer being forcibly irradiated in Pletka’s program but what about the other 14,000 FSD students condemned to the same electronic sardine cans for 6 hours a day?

In order to ensure that our students are being exposed to the maximum amount of pulse modulated wireless microwave radiation all while using our children to make rich, it appears that the purveyors of this  irrelevant technology desire to impair their learning. Harvard trained pediatric neurologist Dr. Martha Herbert’s take on wireless . This program aims to provide young students with 21st Century student specific skills like looking up answers, using a calculator, watching and playing video games like minecraft, full of content knowledge, and three dimensional thinking illiteracy that will help them be mastered by the technocracy’s multi-dimensional ability to subject its users to an involuntary radiation exposure required in the 21st Century classroom and beyond.

Please feel free to view the 1:1 VIP video by clicking on either the English,Español, or Korean version.

For access to the parent letter containing more information about this new program, please click on one of the following versions – English Español Korean.


There you have it right in front of your eyes ladies and gentlemen. Looks like the iPad has X’d out your children’s offspring. As if the X box didn’t have that one under lock and key already with the wireless controller in the lap and the transmitter that never sleeps. video game addiction defined

one nation under irradiation with iPads and routers for all

One nation under irradiation with iPads, corrective lenses in the making, video game addictions, possible infertility  and routers for all.

The three dimensional world is no match for highly addictive screens. Next stop, the optometrist.

The microwave transmitters heading for the laps of your children stacked in front of the chairs where the "Fullerton Five" have greenlighted the common core's microwave matrix.

The microwave transmitters heading for the laps of your children stacked in front of the chairs where the “Fullerton Five” have green lighted the common core’s microwave matrix.

Brought to you by : The occupants of the empty black chairs


This is how we do it.

This is how we do it.

Now now children, you must comply and irradiate. We are watching you so we can get the most out of all of you. robert-pletka-recognizing-voltage-potential/


The microwave transmitter in direct proximity to the female ovum.

The microwave transmitter in direct proximity to the female ovum.

X marks the spot. Girls are born with their eggs. What is this high frequency pulse modulated wireless microwave radiation transmitter doing to the longest lived and most important cells in their bodies as it remains there for  hours a day at school and at home every day? what-is-wifi-doing-to-your-daughters

One of the ringleaders looking on as the earpieces act as   conduits of RF emissions to the young developing brains.

One of the ringleaders looking on as the earpieces act as conduits of RF emissions to the young developing brains.

The look of love as this agent of the state complies with the top down mandatory wireless exposure edict from above. She should remember this one as I handed one to her last year:


The tools of the experiment being logged and unpacked.

The tools of the forced irradiation being logged and unpacked.

 Notice the podium where I have spoken repeatedly for this to be stopped pushed aside, flanked by the images of those who could still stop this but choose to ignore the other side of this story.


Is this your tax money turned against your children's reproductive future?

Is this your tax money turned against your children’s reproductive future?

Someone made a nice commission off of this one. Just think of lead flux oozing from the drinking fountains, the empty toilet paper dispensers, the hand dryers’ 10 year old unchanged filters, the rocky road asphalt, the 35 kids crammed into the electronic sardine cans, the furlough days, and the improper spectrum lighting that all the dough spent on these soon to be outdated toys could have repaired, filled, replaced, slurry coated, alleviated, ended or installed.



I won’t even go into how the teacher of the year at Acacia put my son outside to take a test with the gardeners running their equipment in direct proximity with the DOOR CLOSED on a open campus. Of course they deny this happened. Yeah safety glasses for the gardeners and none for my son and what a wonderful environment for him to take a test in. I digress.

Yes as Robert Pletka tells us that this is all “……..totally safe for the children”.  A.S.C.I.P. with their big cheeses, the District’s insurance company, just handed ten grand in tax money over to Pletka’s irradiators and minions for the “excellence in loss control”? Are you out of your mind? So out of 120 school districts, with our forced microwave irradiation of children, an alleged staff induced head injury leading to blindness and a teacher admitting to child molestation, is this the best client A.S.C.I.P’s got? Pretty creepy if you ask me.

2014 ASCIP “Excellence in Loss Control” Award


Fullerton School District is the proud recipient of ASCIP’s 2014 “Excellence in Loss Control Award.” ASCIP (the Alliance for Schools Cooperative Insurance Program) is a coalition of 120 member school districts which work together to provide outstanding insurance, risk management, and loss prevention services specifically targeted for students and schools. With the Award, ASCIP recognizes one district each year that exemplifies the characteristics of a loss control leader by demonstrating a commitment to controlling risk exposures, minimizing losses, and improving the safety of students, staff, and the general public. The Award includes a $10,000 prize to the District.ASCIP recognized Fullerton School District for its proactive approach to risk management, especially in the field of up-front risk assessment. The District was also recognized for its training, implementation of best practices and recommended protocols, sharing of “lessons learned” with other districts, and thinking creatively to come up with out-of-the box solutions.Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, Susan Hume; Risk Manager Laurie Bruneau; and Letty Cortez, Risk Management Specialist, accepted the Award for the District at ASCIP’s annual meeting.

A.S.C.I.P. are the same folks who ordered the RF survey that yielded impossibly low results at Acacia and made us turn off our camera at their meeting which was illegal by the way.Up in Glendale, A.S.C.I.P  hired the same firm, Executive Environmental. The chief executive officer of that company was questioned by a school board member during a presentation on the safety of WiFi at a publicly broadcast school board meeting. The board member is a dentist and she wanted to know why WiFi was banned in certain European countries.  A.S.C.I.P’s contractor DIDN’T KNOW THE ANSWER! ITS ON CAMERA. IS THAT A.S.C.I.P. CONTRACTOR EXEMPLIFYING LOSS CONTROL? 


Ginsborg is the one who did the RF survey for A.S.C.I.P. over at Acacia earlier this year and is the advisor to the FSD. Schulze is known as Schulzee or R Schuzle on this blog’s comment section. We had a post dedicated to him and his tactics:

The following is an excerpt from  an incredible web site:

“Certainly, our schools should, at the very least, provide choice: designate some schools in every CA school district that are free from wireless signals.

Here are some comments at 39:30 – 42:10 in the 3/12/14 recording of “Today on Your Call: How are digital devices affecting children’s health?” at It was a direct appeal to KALW General Manager, Matt Martin, that ensured that my call was put on the air. Joe Imbriano’s comment about Wi-Fi being forced exposure is 0:40 long and can be found at 42:20 – 43:00 in the program.

We also want to communicate some strategies parents could use to challenge their federal, state and local government officials to get them to enforce existing CA Education code that says whenever improvements are made to school facilities, the school must not introduce toxins or known carcinogens into their facilities, our children’s learning environments. RF/EMF microwave radiation from all sources (including Wi-Fi) was designated as a Class 2B carcinogen in May, 2011 by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer. (Details at Our schools can no longer legally pump this toxic, carcinogenic substance (electricity though the air) into classrooms. Using wired connectivity instead eliminates this problem completely.

Here are several  important points:

[1] The total cumulative amount of RF/EMF microwave radiation in any classroom is what really matters — radiation from all sources: routers, access point and devices.

[2] The FCC RF/EMF microwave radiation guideline is meaningless because it does not consider total cumulative radiation and only applies to one device; it does not consider the total cumulative radiation from all wireless devices in the room.

[3] Senior engineers at the FCC and OSHA have agreed, in writing, how to calculate total cumulative microwave radiation exposure from any wireless device: the peak power density measured 18″ from the device times the total number of pulses transmitted by each antenna of each wireless device over the entire school day times the length (in fractions of seconds) of the duration of each pulse. When you plug in real numbers, the totals are staggering: at least 8 times higher than the current adult maximum public exposure guideline for RF/EMF microwave radiation for every school day (

[4] We have a Watt problem in our country. Watts, delivered over time, is the measure of how much electricity we use. People, in general, are confused about what is a high power (many Watts) and what is low power (fractions of Watts). We falsely think that a bright 100-Watt light bulb is high power and a dim 25-Watt light bulb is low power. The truth is anything in the range of 1-150 Watts is hugely-high power compared to the electricity our bodies use every day to run our heart, our muscles, our kidneys and our brains.

Our cells operate at picoWatts or one trillionth of a Watt. Said another way it takes ten trillion picoWatts to equal 10 watts, which is the the amount of electricity our FCC guideline allows each Wi-Fi device to shoot into the air and through our children’s brains and bodies at over six million miles per hour. It is not at all surprising that electricity that is

[a] ten trillion times higher than natural levels, and that

[b] shoots through our children at over six million miles per hour

might cause their cells to misfire. You think? That’s what’s happening all day long in classrooms with wireless connectivity. Wireless connectivity creates hazardous conditions for our children.

Wi-Fi is electricity sprayed into the air at very high speeds. It is designed to penetrate through wood, concrete and our children. So if our children are allowed to get 10 watts of electricity through the air from one device, what if we have 24 devices in a classroom? That is 240 watts. Do you want 240 Watts of electricity shooting through your children’s brains and bodies, six hours a day, 180 days per year?

What are our school officials thinking? Wireless signals at the very same levels in classrooms today was used as a weapon in World War II. Our leaders and industry lobbyists just conveniently forgot about that. Apparently, it is more important to have a robust economy based on wireless signals than it is to protect our children’s brains, bodies and future fertility.

Using wired connectivity in schools to distribute our internet traffic through Ethernet wires eliminates this problem. Wired connectivity offers over 15 times higher bandwidth and much greater security at a lower cost, compared to wireless. It is a proven solution that exists today.

I hope I get a future opportunity at either KALW or some other venue to communicate these critically important points. All of us need to understand what is at stake here.”



Can this dichotomy get any more bizarre?

This photo also appeared on Pletka’s Facebook page a few months ago. Are they telling us something here?

Is this the new clothing line for the wireless generation? I find this photo a rather odd choice here and on Pletka's facebook page where it first appeared several months ago. Strange taste Bob.

Is this the new clothing line for the wireless generation?


                   Ladies and gentlemen, the agenda marches on and so do we. Happy 1 year anniversary from all of us at The Fullerton Informer and thanks for stopping by.

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