THE FULLERTON FIVE PART 2- For the health of our children, can reason prevail? – See more at:

THE FULLERTON FIVE PART 2- For the health of our children, can reason prevail?


Today another group in Fullerton has decided to address the FSD Board of Trustess. Lets see if the Fullerton Five still read their mail. This email was sent to me by a fellow colleague and is worthy of a post. It appears to have been produced and sent by a group called FCSST which stands for Fullerton Community for Safe School Technology. I don’t know about you but I should be a card carrying member by now and so should the rest of you. Here is the email that was sent to me:

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Fullerton Community <>
Date: Tue, Jan 28, 2014 at 1:12 PM
Subject: Fullerton, California School District Trustees: For the health of our children, can reason prevail?

To:Fullerton California School District Trustees

                        Beverly Berryman

                        Janny Meyer

                        Hilda Sugarman

                        Chris Thompson

                        Lynn Thornley

Fullerton School District trustees, please acknowledge the potential harms to our children in the wireless classrooms and immediately declare a moratorium on wireless technology in the schools. 

We all value technology and where it’s brought us today.  But as parents and community we feel the need to take a step back from it and ask that the district wire the technology to prevent any possible harm to our children.

 This is a direct quote from a letter written by The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) on November, 2013 with regards to wireless technology in schools. 

 ”The peer reviewed, scientific literature demonstrates the correlation between RF exposure and neurological, cardiac, and pulmonary disease as well as reproductive and developmental disorders, immune dysfunction, cancer and other health conditions. The evidence is irrefutable.”

See this link for the entire letter: 

 The Fullerton School Board (FSD) members were sent a letter from AAEM on May 13, 2013.  This is what the Academy told you, the FSD trustees:  “To install this system in your school district risks a widespread public health hazard that the medical system is not yet prepared to address.  Statistics show that you can expect to see an immediate reaction in 3% and delayed effects in 30%, including teachers.”  The question to FSD trustees is this:  Have you read the letter?  Do you think parents and teachers would knowingly allow their children and themselves to be exposed to these harms?

This is a direct quote from a letter written on August, 2013 to the FCC by the head of the American Association of Pediatrics which represents over 60,000 primary care pediatricians, pediatric medical sub-specialists, and pediatric surgical specialists dedicated to the health, safety and well-being of infants, children, adolescents, and young adults:


“ Current FCC standards do not account for the unique vulnerability and use patterns specific to pregnant women and children. It is essential that any new standard for cell phones or other wireless devices be based on protecting the youngest and most vulnerable populations to ensure they are safeguarded throughout their lifetimes.”

Please see this link for the entire letter:

 Upon doing more research it was found that other organizations such as the EPA, FDA and NIOSH have warned the FCC that their guidelines are “seriously flawed”.  Other countries were ahead of the US in implementing these devices in schools.  A lot of these countries have had adverse effects and have since pulled back from wireless and opted for safer wired technology.  Please find this comprehensive link to what other countries have done through their experience:

 A lot of studies have shown that the RFs (or Radio Frequencies) emitted by ipads, cell phones, WiFi etc. cause changes in human cells, DNA, chromosomes etc.  Studies have shown links to cancer, infertility, nerve damage and so much more.  The effects of RFs are even more compounded in children because of the interference with their growing bodies.

 Here are some quotes from leading scientists and doctors about this technology:

  Here is Dr. Anthony Miller, World Health Organization (WHO) scientist, at the Government Management Committee about Cell Tower proliferation in the City, stating wireless radiation would be classified 2A (probable) carcinogen if evaluated today and recommends prudent avoidance.

 FSD states that the radiation from these devices are below FCC standards.  FCC standards were set 18 years ago when none of these devices were in place and a lot of the new studies were not out yet.  FCC standards are set based on thermal effects (the ability of these devices to heat tissue).  Scientists have since discovered effects on an electromagnetic level that have the capacity to alter DNA.  This can happen at a much lower level (by as much as 1000 times lower) than those set by the FCC.  Please listen to this lecture by Dr. Martin Blank, an associate professor from Columbia University that explains the science behind this DNA alteration phenomenon:

 These are letters written by numerous medical doctors and scientists all imploring LA Unified School District schools to use wired technology:

 We’re sure a lot of you own these devices and use them on a regular basis, as do we.  Having these devices at home means that you have one or two devices in some of the rooms in your house.  Having these devices at school means having 24 plus (up to 36) devices in one room with kids being exposed to radiation emissions even when they are not in use.  That is an exponential amount of exposure of a class 2B carcinogen to our children for 6 hours a day 5 days a week. 

 As exciting and educational as this technology is we have to ask ourselves is it worth the price of our children’s health?  The same technology exists in a wired format.  We are asking the district to wire this technology as a precautionary measure against this potential danger to our children.

 While all the technology fund raising efforts have brought in the support of the PTAs, school foundations, local business and corporate sponsorships, does it make sense to proceed on a path fraught with potential health harms to the very children they are trying to help? Are these well-intentioned individuals and groups aware that they are funding technology with known and significant health detriments to the kids and teachers? 

 For the past 9 months, parents and community have been trying to present the documented information that exists on wireless radiation to the FSD school trustees.  FSD response has been a mixture of assurances that the classroom radiation is okay and silence on the evidence contrary to your technology plan.  Unmoved, you continue to roll out the wireless technology.  It appears to us that you are intentionally and determinedly remaining ignorant of this information. 

 In the words of FSD Superintendent Robert Pletka, the wireless classrooms “are totally safe for our children.”  With the aforementioned information, how can this be? 

 Within the past couple of months, the parents of three children at Acacia Elementary School had to pull their children out of the school due to their concerns about the wireless radiation emissions.  If you have ever contemplated moving your children to another school, this can be quite agonizing.  Your children are made to leave their school friends, teacher, and other regular and stable elements of their life.  These parents knew and understood the health detriments.   FSD told them no other accommodations could be made for them at Acacia.  As both parents work, the family was forced to make very costly arrangements to assure the safety of their children.  With a stretch of their household budget they were able to afford to do this.  What about the parents that cannot afford to home school their students?   Parents have no choice in the matter.

 It appears that FSD is making public school available only to those that accept mandatory exposure to a Class 2b possible human carcinogen.   Recall WHO scientist Dr. Miller states it would be classified today as a probable carcinogen?  What parents, in their right mind, would allow this?

  Wireless radiation cannot be seen, heard or felt but modern science gives us the ability to see it’s profound effect on the human body.  Enough research and studies have been done to demand precaution for our students and teachers.  Are we willing to use the children and teachers as guinea pigs?

 As FSD trustees, you are held in the public trust, which entails a great responsibility, as you are accountable not only to the children and parents but the taxpayers.  This responsibility vastly exceeds any other consideration, influence, or party, be it a risk management firm or administrator.  It is, therefore, incumbent upon all of you to look at all of the evidence.

Once again, Fullerton School District trustees, please acknowledge the potential harms to our children in the wireless classrooms and immediately declare a moratorium on this technology until the time where consensuses of safety are arrived at.  As with tobacco, which took decades to determine it causes lung cancer and death, we don’t want to wait for such a determination for our children.


 Fullerton Community For Safe School Technology

 Safety first with our school technology

Be informed  +  Take action

Please visit us and pass it on:

 Thank you,

Fullerton Community For Safe School Technology


So without any further ado gang, may I re-introduce “The Fullerton Five” here to all of you:

Beverly_Berryman (1)
 Janny_Meyer (2)Lynn_Thornley

Hilda_SugarmanChris_Thompson (1)

 Let’s see what they have to say. Or, let’s see if we have to be forced to listen to their continued silence on this crucial issue as the kids continue to be irradiated. Stay tuned.

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