In 2014, a conspiracy theory is nothing more than imbecilic vernacular for an inconvenient truth. This is the reader’s digest version of what I believe this is all about. Yup, these control freaks in academia and media tell us that we humans are trashing the planet while the air has never been cleaner, that geo-engineering/chemtrail induced drought and extreme weather , ehhm, I mean climate change is upon us, there is not enough land in the hands of the BLM (the 640 million acres off limits to development in the US alone) ehhm, I mean there is not enough land left in the compact cities, and that the sky is falling because the plant food levels, ehhm I mean the Co2 levels are way too high. Almost every tree for a 100 miles in any direction in the garden of eden climate that are planted by virtually every municipality and homeowner is not fruit bearing along with their roundup sprayed inedible landscapes and we wonder how or why we could run out of food?  Yes the fluoridated water must be beneficial, sunlight exposure is dangerous, mercury vapor compact fluorescent lighting is the source of vitality, carbonated toxic sweetener bone and tooth dissolving colas out of a silver colored can are a silver bullet, and wires are evil and wireless devices are a godsend. And you take this con job hook line and sinker. Yes it begs the question: do they cull out in the open or clandestinely? You actually think they are gonna let you collect on that pension as they fish out the king crab stocks just so and yours can go Norwegian cruising the globe and stuff your faces at the buffet?

Look gang, when the TV is full of cesspool sitcoms, blithering idiot talk show hosts peddling the latest and greatest insult to your intelligence, lying baboon politicians, replete with vampire soft porn kinky movies, bloodlust, bloodletting, hit pieces that call booze fine spirits, pill commercials, satanic children’s cartoons, and mindless endless bullshit sports diversions, with the pickpocket preachers on Sunday mornings watering it down like they do with the well drinks at happy hour bringing up the rear, you know the hour is late. Here it is right here folks. Step right up and read all about it. Actually just point, click, and listen. Amazingly, as you will see, that is how they intend to return this planet back to the wolves, as you paint with all the colors of the wind. Yes, literally with the click of a mouse, literally.

Once you are done with the 7 plus minutes, join me here:

for an in depth expose on the nefarious hidden in plain view exploits of some of the most popular personalities on the planet. You will not be disappointed. I personally guarantee it.

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