The wireless industry operatives’ Best Practices Holocaust: Forced Microwave Irradiation of Children In School

troy2Are you part of this holocaust? Some of you know who you are and some of you have no idea, yet.


If you are advancing the promotion of “wireless technologies”, “Best Practices” or school policies that even call for “minimizing”, “low EMF” or “turning off” wireless devices/routers when not being used, you are effectively promoting the irradiation of children. You are harming children.


  • Essentially, you are responsible for setting in motion/causing disease and premature death in children.
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  • Essentially, you are responsible for setting in motion the sterilization of children.
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  • Essentially, you are usurping parental rights by promoting adoption of a known health hazard in their child’s school environment without their informed consent.
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  • Essentially, you are supporting the use of pulse modulated wireless microwave radiation, a known military weapon in a child’s school environment.


  • Essentially, you are supporting the introduction of a Class 2B(according to experts, microwaves should be a Class 1 Carcinogen) into a forced exposure environment.
  • joe

    The Fullerton Observer’ reporter Jan Youngman pictured at the lower right seated at the press table ignoring what is being stated and continually refuses to print any mention of what we discuss regarding microwave radiation in schools at these board meetings she is supposed to be covering-


  • Essentially, you are actively involved in aiding and abetting school board members, administrators and staff who are breaking the law, reference CA State Education Code 32060 – 32066;  CA Education Code section 51101 (d) (7); possible violation of CA Ed Code 52060(g), 52062 on the adoption of an LCAP and 52063.


  • Essentially, you are advancing a practice that incurs liability for school districts, personnel and board members.

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  • Essentially, you are undermining the work of others that understand the only answer is to remove wireless radiation completely from the educational setting.
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  • Essentially, you are conveying the message that “some” amount of radiation exposure is permissible. We all know that is not the case.



Honest and truthful practices and policies reflect the reality of microwave radiation exposure and that necessitates that it be completely removed from the school environment. Anything less, supports yielding our children’s health and well being to outside interests.

Are you part of this Best Practices holocaust?



  1. #1 by Marcey on April 23, 2016 - 10:50 am

    Children and future generations must be protected. In a must see presentation about the hazards that RF radiation poses to children, Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe from Physicians Health Initiative for Radiation and Environment, warns over 1800 studies in the BioInitiative Report 2012, demonstrate cause for concern, and is shocked that multigenerational effects are being ignored

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